Cheek Droop After Radical Rhinoplasty (Supposed to Be a Tip-plasty)

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Rhinoplasty was to rectify a pinched tip from...

Rhinoplasty was to rectify a pinched tip from prior surgery (15 years ago). As we know the opersted nose changes indefinitely with time, so, with hindsight, if a nose looks perfect when the splint is removed, you can be sure that the nose will require augmentation in a decade's time - often in the middle vault and lateral cartilage regions.

I would urge people to think carefully before placing pressure on the clinician to provide you with a itsy-bitsy nose; it will lead to functionla and aethetic deficit in the future.

My doctor performed an unrequested radical rhinoplasty (with osteotomies) instead of a tip-plasty (mixed up records...another story). Unfortunately the result is unsatisfactory with a massive volume decrease in my nose, and I have found that the entire middle vault of my face has dropped. The only analogy I can present is shortening the supporting pole in a tent and the canvas flopping. I always thought that facial muscles bore no relation to the nose, so how has this happened? [I have slightly reduced sensation post-op in my cheeks, but not enough to constitute a palsy] Thank you in advance for your help.
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Kept poor notes, didn't listen to the patient, wasn't interested in seeking to revise a substandard procedure (opinion of objective expert)

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