Breast Lift - So Disappointed, Already Feel Saggy & Low (London)

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Hi there I had a mastopexy and 300cc implants 6...

Hi there I had a mastopexy and 300cc implants 6 wks ago.

Was too big and saggy also implants were folding/flipping on the edges. Was treated very well at the hospital and had little post op pain. Feel these are still too low and look like I still need an uplift.

I already can see loose skin, they measure 25cm from collar bone to nipple there is no fullness at the top and I am truly gutted. I previously had 525cc in for 10yrs and they were pretty saggy but surely I could have expected better than this for the money??!!!

Updated on Jan 9, 2009:

I think the hardest part for me to accept is that the original reason I had implants was to fill out the uper part of the breast which it did but now I feel like I have gone backwards as i can see the old stretched skin at the top as it is not filled out as it was. Should the surgeon have warned me about this as I didnt see that coming!

As the op is so expensive I feel like I have wasted my money although the nipple is in a better position and they are smaller.

Please help - do these breasts look uplifted? Had...

Please help - do these breasts look uplifted? Had full mastopexy 6 weeks go and they feel so saggy and low. I can also at 6 weeks in gather loose skin in te cleavedge area and underneath - is this normal? I know its only early days but they cant climb up! Is this a good job or will I need further surgery?? -- Updated on Jan 11, 2010: Please help are these breasts too low??? I had a full uplift and smaller implants 6 weeks ago and I am truly gutted at the results. The scarring is excellent but the shape is horrible and perhaps I am losing my marbles but these look worse than my old ones! I know my old ones were horrible but I am struggling to see much of an improvement. Do I need further surgery and different shaped implants these are low profiles?????

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