Hair Transplant - London, TX

I want a hair transplant to fill in Temple area...

I want a hair transplant to fill in Temple area and give me a denser hairline. Can anyone recommend anyone in UK? I have had consultations but been told I shouldn't have the hair line as low. Below are pics I have drawn line of a hairline I would like. I have been told I have excellent donor and am not losing hair around my crown. I was told I need 1500 grafts at a cost of 11 thousand pounds in London. I only want to go ahead if I can achieve results I want. Thanks

New hairline

Had surgery today new hairline in below pic. Old pic of hairline before shaved and surgery.

Post op day one

Post op day 1 pics.

11 week update

see pics can see some hair were not all has shed. Only been 11 weeks
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