Arms Lipo and Nervous! London, GB

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Well, I'm scheduled for tumescent microcannula...

Well, I'm scheduled for tumescent microcannula lipo to my arms on Monday, and I'm NERVOUS. I had my abdomen done more than a year ago with the same doctor (Dr. Puneet Gupta in London) and am thrilled with the results and his skill as a surgeon. This said, I'm a little concerned that how the needed manipulation of my arms during the operation is going to well since I will be under twilight sedation. I woke up at the end of the abdominal surgery and wasn't too bothered because I was so doped up. It seems though I might wake up several times with the arms. SO - you fabulous community of people ... 1. Has anyone had their arms done under twilight sedation? 2. How manageable was the pain afterward (my stomach was unbearable the next day) and 3. I'm wondering whether light arms exercises a week or so afterward will help or hinder the healing process? Yours Truly ... The Wimp. :)

First Day Post Op

Well, the procedure was a breeze and that's what I feared the most. I was given Propofol so was pretty sedated throughout the whole thing although I became pretty coherent on my last arm _ enough also to feel a few pricks, which were minor. Now I'm in two compression bandages and waiting for Mexican food to arrive ... also hoping the pain meds kick in soon as I want to stay ahead of the pain this time unlike what I did with my stomach. Anyway, so far so good. Photos to come after I'm out of this torture garment ... :)

Two Days Post-Op

I'm shocked over how well I'm healing from the arms tumescent lipo and how little pain there is. This said, I've been diligent about my diet by eating lots of fruit and vegetables, low-sodium meals and no inflammation-causing food like dairy or gluten. I've also been drinking a lot of water and taking an array of supplements including bromelian, vitamin C, turmeric and ginger. It's too early to tell whether I can see any difference as I'm still wearing the compression garment and I have a bit of swelling under my arms and in my hands, but given how quickly I seem to be healing I am hopeful. I would highly recommend Dr. Gupta for anyone in London.
Dr. Gupta

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