Disastrous Dermal Filler's Injections/ Marionette Folds

Over the summer, I had a type of Derma Filler...

Over the summer, I had a type of Derma Filler treatment to correct slight marionette folds. The injections were administered by Kay Greveson, the nurse prescriber behind Regents Park facial Aesthetics in London.

Before I had the treatment and after undertaking extensive research on the subject, I found out that the best option would be to have about two syringes of Juvéderm Voluma injected across the cheeks and temples in order to create a lift of the lower face. However, when I had my first consultation with Kay in May, she advised me instead to have 2 syringes of Teosyal Ultra Deep injected into the folds at the sides of my mouth. So in June, I had the two syringes injected (£450). After this first session, my lower face and in particular, the area around the corners of my mouth felt lumpy and looked excessively swollen and puffy. I reported my concerns to Kay and she said that this was normal and that the swelling would eventually go down.

Unfortunately, the lumps on each side of my mouth did not settle very significantly and just looked completely disproportioned in relation to the rest of my lower face. When I raised this with Kay, she stated that the lumps were perfectly normal and that everyone had them, even babies. But on 1st August, I had to have another syringe injected around the lumps to create a bit more of a sense of transition between the previously injected areas and the rest of my face (£200).

I thought that this would be enough, as three syringes of such a thick filler injected in what is a relatively small area of the face should normally be more than enough. However, I had to visit Kay again on 15th August because by then, not only did I have several lumps on each side of my mouth, but the injections had also been administered unevenly and as a result, the area around my mouth looked misshapen and crooked. Not a good look! Kay agreed to do some corrective work as the issue was too obvious to be dismissed, but I also had to have some filler injected on the chin to even out the area as it was still very lumpy and misshapen (£220).

After all that, the result of the injections is still unsatisfactory and the sides of my mouth still look distinctively lumpy and uneven. Actually each side of my lower face looks as it belongs to a different person!

I've now had a consultation with an experienced cosmetic surgeon to try to correct Kay's "handy" work and he strongly advised me not to have any injection at all until the affect of these ones completely disappeared. The only problem is that this could take several months. He also said that he often saw clients who'd had similar experiences when the injections were administered by practitioners with little experience of that type of work. He further explained, that in my case, Kay had injected too much product, too superficially (for such a sick filler) in two really small areas of the face. This is why instead of blending in with the rest of my facial features, I now have two lumps sitting incongruently on to each side of my mouth. Again, not a good look! This is because the injections were administered haphazardly and with a complete lack of precision and/ or basic understanding of facial anatomy and that's a bit of a problem for a practitioner who claims to offer treatments to enhance and improve facial aesthetics!

The lesson I've learnt from this stressful and costly experience is that sometimes, we spend too much time researching products and not enough time scrutinising practitioners' credentials and/ or questioning their marketing claims. For example, in her marketing material Kay advertises herself as a practitioner with 15 years of nursing experience to provide evidence of her skills as a cosmetic practitioner. The fact is that she may be a very good nurse in another specialist field of nursing, but that does not mean that she has any significant experience in facial aesthetic practice. She is clearly NOT an inexperienced practitioner when it comes to administrating fillers and she should be honest about this when she advertises her services.

So in conclusion, if you wish to receive treatment by a practitioner who is a registered nurse practitioner, then Kay is definitely a safe option. However, if you also want to achieve good value for money and aesthetic results to enhance your natural features because after all, that's the point of any surgical, or non-surgical cosmetic treatment, then you will definitely need to find a more experienced and skillful practitioner or simply, someone a bit more talented. And perhaps consider paying a bit more for the right qualified practitioner because at a total cost of £870 to correct a relatively small problem, which has been made to look a lot worse, I am sure I could have done much better. You live and learn!
Nurse Kay Greveson, Regents Park Aesthetics

Kay's attitude was dismissive, defensive and quite rude when I took the trouble to book yet another appointment to address my concerns and to try to come to some kind of resolution by discussing things openly with her in person.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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