Upcoming rhinoplasty with Lucian Ion - London, GB

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I've now had 2 consultations with Lucian Ion and...

I've now had 2 consultations with Lucian Ion and I'm pretty sure we're on the same page regarding the work I'd like done which is reassuring. Ive always had a big nose & I'd like to keep it that way - but ideally with no hump and no deviation to the septum ! I've posted a pic of the morph that we agreed on so I'd be keen to get any feedback on this. Thanks

Preparatory stuff

So I've started getting organised with regards to stocking up on post-surgery supplies. I'm planning to get all of the below, but if anybody can recommend anything else I'd be grateful, as before, for any input:

Vitamin C tabs
Bromelain tabs
Arnica tabs
Bio-Kult tabs (probiotics)
fresh pineapples
Ice pops
Low salt Soups
U shaped travel pillow
Ice packs for swelling (can anybody recommend where best to get these? )
Netflix subscription
3 or 4 books
Gravity chair (I have a history of falling asleep in these on holiday so would like to have one on standby if sleeping in an elevated position in a bed proves difficult)
Lip Vaseline
Throat spray
London Plastic Surgeon

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