I've Finally Made the Choice to Go Ahead...- London, GB

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Hi, just to give you an idea on me here is a...

Hi, just to give you an idea on me here is a little info.... I have been unhappy with my nose for as long as I can remember! Obviously not counting child hood as I had a lovely cute button nose! What happened..?! It has taken a long time to come to a decision to go ahead with getting surgery done.
3 main factors were holding me back, cost,pain and what people would think.
It's hard when I had friends and family telling me there is nothing wrong with my nose, of course they say that, they love me for me and don't see my nose as an issue BUT I do, my biggest issue! Such a big issue it has affected my whole adult life. When someone doesn't have an issue with their nose they don't understand. I can't stand people standing next to me as I hate my side profile so much. I feel like my nose is the first thing people see. I could go on and on about reasons why I have hated my nose but I won't bore you with them all. ??
I have never written a blog before but this is something I wanted to share as it is so personal to me and I know many others have the same issue.
Last year I wrote a letter to my doctor asking him for his advice and he put me in contact with a surgeon, so now the date is approaching for my first consultation, it's booked for the 13th of November.
I'm so nervous about finally going through with it but I hope 2014 will be the year I can finally start living my life with new confidence. I'll update next after my consultation.


I thought I'd add a few photos so you can see what I look like now and what id like from my new nose! I've used an app on my phone to make the changes. Comments please!! Thank you. X



I would like people opinions on getting my nose done, my consultation is in less than a week, I'm worried I'm going to forget to ask something important....!?!? Any help would be much appreciated. Xxx
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