Revision Rhinoplasty using Rib graft with Dr Ion

Hi , I'm considering revision rhinoplasty after a...

Hi , I'm considering revision rhinoplasty after a primary operation meant to correct my deviated septum and broken nose (fall) left my nose botched with a wide and droopy drip and general assymetry . So far I've had a consult with Dr Lucion Ion and may consult some other doctors bettor making up my mind . I found Dr Ion to be very knowledgeable and realistic about what could be done or not . I was advised that he might need to use rib cartilage but he would know that once he opened up the nose (????) He did some morphs for me which I'll upload soon . However , I still want some changes in the morphs mainly the frontal view . He didn't want to make more changes as he wanted me to have a realistic idea of what the end result might be instead of over promising something he could not deliver . I understand and respect that but I feel that if I'm going down the route and spending over £9k (ouch!) I would get a more aesthetic result . I'm going to be booking another consult with him soon and also want to consider other good revision surgeons (although so far my research has led my to believe that Dr Ion is one of the best ) . I've heard mixed review about DR Julian De Silva so I'm not sure if I should consider him . Has anyone heard of Dr Alex Kardis?

Finally booked surgery with Dr Ion

So, I just paid the deposit and booked the surgery at the end of May 2017. After the reviews on this forum , my own research and the consultations with Dr Ion, I'm optimistic that he can fix the previous disastrous rhinoplasty I had over a decade ago when I was just 18. I will start uploading pictures soon . After two consultations with Dr Ion , I am very optimistic that he knows what he is doing . I'm happy with the side morphs we agreed on after some changes to the original morph. But I still want changes to the front to make it look slimmer and more refined . The morph Dr ion did of the after was an improvement over my current front view but since I am going to to the expense and pain of a revision, I might as well strive for the best outcome possible . Will start uploading pictures shortly. Would love your opinion on the morphs/ alternative .

A little apprehensive

Hi everyone , a lot of you have been asking me to pm you my pictures . I'm a very private person so I've been a little apprehensive about putting them up . But so many of you did and that really helped me in my decision to get a revision na to choose Dr Ion . So I'm going to be putting mine up but wanted to edit out the eyes /lips . I was just going to put a sticker on the eyes but I want people to be able to see the nose clearly . Is there any app that I can use for that?


Hi guys . So after much thinking , I have decided to put up my pictures , albeit concealing my eyes and lips . I'm a very private person so I don't want my pictures showing up elsewhere which is a concern some people here told me about . The main reason I'm putting up my pictures is because it really helped me when others put theirs up and showed me before / after and progress . So here goes .
The first one is my before front , then my before left profile . The third is after front and the following two are morph 1 and morph two .

Although in the front morph Dr ion has made a lot of improvement , it still looks a bit deviated and I want it to be slightly slimmer and more defined . Regarding the two side profile morphs


For some reason the pictures didn't upload and neither did the rest of my update !
Regarding the left profile , the first is the one Dr ion proposed and the second is the one he changed after I wanted a slimmer too. But now I think it's too long and prefer the first one . What do you guys think ? Also , any suggestions / pictures for my gent profile . I'm trying to show some pictures to Dr ion for the front but can't seem to find any that look like an improved version of mine . Any help would be appreciated ! Thanks :)

Just a month to go! Fees paid ???? but getting nervous .

So I just paid Dr Ions fees over the weekend . Still waiting for the hospital and anaesthetic doctor to send me their fees . Getting very nervous and excited at the same time . Nervous as I'm worried about the pain and swelling side of things . And excited as this is the first step in correcting the botch made by my previous surgeon over a decade ago . I've been having Bimuno since a month and will be starting arnica and bromelain from tomorrow . Will be getting my surgery supplies this week so please feel free to tell me anything I might need . I've used this list one of the ladies put up recently as its quite thorough. I also have a pre op consult with Dr Ion in two weeks . I'll be asking him to refine my front morph a little bit and some dos and don't .
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