Revision Rhinoplasty using Rib graft with Dr Ion

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Hi , I'm considering revision rhinoplasty after a...

Hi , I'm considering revision rhinoplasty after a primary operation meant to correct my deviated septum and broken nose (fall) left my nose botched with a wide and droopy drip and general assymetry . So far I've had a consult with Dr Lucion Ion and may consult some other doctors bettor making up my mind . I found Dr Ion to be very knowledgeable and realistic about what could be done or not . I was advised that he might need to use rib cartilage but he would know that once he opened up the nose (????) He did some morphs for me which I'll upload soon . However , I still want some changes in the morphs mainly the frontal view . He didn't want to make more changes as he wanted me to have a realistic idea of what the end result might be instead of over promising something he could not deliver . I understand and respect that but I feel that if I'm going down the route and spending over £9k (ouch!) I would get a more aesthetic result . I'm going to be booking another consult with him soon and also want to consider other good revision surgeons (although so far my research has led my to believe that Dr Ion is one of the best ) . I've heard mixed review about DR Julian De Silva so I'm not sure if I should consider him . Has anyone heard of Dr Alex Kardis?

Finally booked surgery with Dr Ion

So, I just paid the deposit and booked the surgery at the end of May 2017. After the reviews on this forum , my own research and the consultations with Dr Ion, I'm optimistic that he can fix the previous disastrous rhinoplasty I had over a decade ago when I was just 18. I will start uploading pictures soon . After two consultations with Dr Ion , I am very optimistic that he knows what he is doing . I'm happy with the side morphs we agreed on after some changes to the original morph. But I still want changes to the front to make it look slimmer and more refined . The morph Dr ion did of the after was an improvement over my current front view but since I am going to to the expense and pain of a revision, I might as well strive for the best outcome possible . Will start uploading pictures shortly. Would love your opinion on the morphs/ alternative .

A little apprehensive

Hi everyone , a lot of you have been asking me to pm you my pictures . I'm a very private person so I've been a little apprehensive about putting them up . But so many of you did and that really helped me in my decision to get a revision na to choose Dr Ion . So I'm going to be putting mine up but wanted to edit out the eyes /lips . I was just going to put a sticker on the eyes but I want people to be able to see the nose clearly . Is there any app that I can use for that?


Hi guys . So after much thinking , I have decided to put up my pictures , albeit concealing my eyes and lips . I'm a very private person so I don't want my pictures showing up elsewhere which is a concern some people here told me about . The main reason I'm putting up my pictures is because it really helped me when others put theirs up and showed me before / after and progress . So here goes .
The first one is my before front , then my before left profile . The third is after front and the following two are morph 1 and morph two .

Although in the front morph Dr ion has made a lot of improvement , it still looks a bit deviated and I want it to be slightly slimmer and more defined . Regarding the two side profile morphs


For some reason the pictures didn't upload and neither did the rest of my update !
Regarding the left profile , the first is the one Dr ion proposed and the second is the one he changed after I wanted a slimmer too. But now I think it's too long and prefer the first one . What do you guys think ? Also , any suggestions / pictures for my gent profile . I'm trying to show some pictures to Dr ion for the front but can't seem to find any that look like an improved version of mine . Any help would be appreciated ! Thanks :)

Just a month to go! Fees paid ???? but getting nervous .

So I just paid Dr Ions fees over the weekend . Still waiting for the hospital and anaesthetic doctor to send me their fees . Getting very nervous and excited at the same time . Nervous as I'm worried about the pain and swelling side of things . And excited as this is the first step in correcting the botch made by my previous surgeon over a decade ago . I've been having Bimuno since a month and will be starting arnica and bromelain from tomorrow . Will be getting my surgery supplies this week so please feel free to tell me anything I might need . I've used this list one of the ladies put up recently as its quite thorough. I also have a pre op consult with Dr Ion in two weeks . I'll be asking him to refine my front morph a little bit and some dos and don't .

Final pre-op consult

So I had my final pre - op consult with Dr Ion today . Feeling so relieved . I did have to wait around 35 minutes (not much considering I have waited longer ) but spend a good 40 minutes discussing my final morphs . He seemed a little pressed for time but he still went over everything in detail with me . I hadn't been very happy with my front morphs and I showed him some pictures of a realistic nose that could be achieved . We discussed the limitations and he told me that the result I was achievable . He also took more pictures and showed me the final result - it could still do with more refinement , but honestly I just want all the issues with my nose to be resolved while still looking like me . Dr ion assured me that although he couldn't guarantee the final result but it could potentially be better as the morphing software had limitations . I will up load the picture once I'm home (it's in a USB) . He was very understanding of what I wanted vs what was realistic . So I'm finally relieved as I think we are on the same page :)

Final morph -12 days to go !

Hi guys - this is the final morph . What do you guys think ? Dr Ion said that more improvements will be made but compared to my originals, this is a vast improvement . It's all feeling very real now . Getting excited but very nervous at the same time

Final morph

Nose slimmed down , bridge narrowed and tip asymmetry corrected .

Just 3 more days to go. Getting very nervous

I got a call from Dr Ion's office today by one of his lovely assistants to let me know that I will be called the day before the procedure to discuss pre-operation instructions. The lady also told me that the hospital wanted to schedule my surgery at 7am even thought the original time was 10 am . However, I am travelling into London early that morning and it's a 2 hour drive so I said that I couldn't make it any earlier than 9am . So now the surgery is scheduled for 9am . It was a little annoying and I've emailed her (she was very helpful!) to ensure that nothing on the day is rushed . After paying so much money, there is no way that I expect anything else than a good service . Anyhow , I'm starting to get very nervous now . I thought I was prepared emotionally - but now I'm very apprehensive . What if something goes wrong ? What if once he opens me up there's a whole mess inside that he can't resolve ? I've read all positive reviews about him except for one of two odd ones about post op infection and prolonged swelling , but I'm getting a little anxious . Need some positive messages and reassurances !!

Surgery done

Hi everyone . I'm still at the hospital in my room so writing this to update all of you especially those who have their procedure over the next couple of days . So my surgery was at 9 - I was in London by 8.15 but it took ages to find the hospital (people on the streets didn't know exactly where it was ) but after speaking up the hospital itself (the lady wasn't very good at guiding me bless her !) and another helpful pedestrian , I walked in about 15 minutes early . I had to fill in a questionnaire and then was whisked into my room where they took my weight and blood pressure and made me sign more forms . I met with the anaesthetic, my nurse and Dr Ion who put me right at ease . He went over everything meticulously and told me he would do his best to achieve the results but it may not yield 100% results . We went over my morphs and just finalised everything we agreed in the last consult . He explained all risks to me and basically indirectly prepared me for the good and bad . He is such a little very man though and genuinely cares and wants to ensure that he tries to achieve what you want . Anyhow was wheeled off to the operating room , given anaesthesia and then I don't remember anything . Woke up feeling woozy and a little bunged up but not in to much pain . The rib area was sore but I was given plenty of drugs to make me comfortable . They kept me in the recovery room for about 2.5 hours as my blood pressure was very low although I didn't feel too bad . Really had to pee though and they offered a bed pan as the nurse couldn't take to the loo me until later . So I sucked it in !! Had a big wee after they let me go from the recovery room . Went to the room , had a coffee and then a nice lunch . Nurse kept an eye on my blood pressure and pain . Changed the bandage under my Jose (it was bleeding and had some blood in my spit but nothing to worry about . They've briefed me about my medication and essentially in ga to go . Just changed and am waiting for my husband . Have a two hour drive home (missing my son! - who can't be near me lol ) . Sorry rushing through the note note as I'm tired . Will put up some pictures and update once I'm ready . Will answer private messages later too . Oh dr Ion told me a few things I forgot to mention . He said my nose was a bit of a mess after my primary , missing cartilage , broken bone , and lots of fat (caused by my rubbish primary surgery in which bled a lot . ) . He said my nostrils needed support / graft too and my left nostril had scar tissue inside so it maybe asymmetrical after this (won't know until a few weeks ) but that can be correct later . Okay guys that's all I remember . I'm going to rest now and head home . Will post an update when I can !


Hi everyone posting some pictures (sorry I'm still using filters to conceal identity but trying to show as much as I can to help others ) post op I wasn't very swollen although a couple of hours later my right eye was slightly swollen and mild bruising under the eyes . It's my first day post op today and have next to no bruising and can't see much swelling due to the cast . I'm not sure it's because the swelling is hidden due to the cast or low as I've been having bromelain , arnica and pineapple juice .

4 days post op.

Hi everyone . So a lot of you have been messaging me and worrying if I'm okay . Thank you for your concern . I'm alright . I have been deliberately staying away from real self so I can concentrate on my healing . I was going to stay away longer but a couple of lovely ladies have their procedure after the bank holiday and have sent me concerned messages so I have come out of virtual hiding . It's been a rough 4 days! I won't lie to you . I think days 1-3 post op are the toughest . My face was so swollen (still is but better now ) that I looked like I'd taken a good bashing . The rib was painful on movement but the face . Oh the face . My head, nose and back of the back of the neck were in agony . And I am good with pain ( yes I'm going to use the birthing card !) After taking my painkillers more routinely though I started feeling a little better . However , my nose still feels very pressurised due to all the splints, drainage tube (how can they fit so much inside a small hole ?!) and the cast . I've had considerable bloody and mucousy (I think I invented this word out of need!) dribbles . I'm being very honest here so that the rest of you can prepare for the first few says after surgery . They are not easy but you need to hang in there . A lovely lady (who who has asked to be confidential ) who had her revision with Dr Ion recently has been very helpful and supportive during this time . On day 2 I looked like the Theodore the chipmunk - my face was so swollen especially the eyes and lower chin that my poor husband looked shocked . Like I said I still have some swelling under the eyes and cheeks but it's much better . My nose looks omnipresent - bit fat and piggish . A part of me is scared that that's the way way it will be. But the practical , patient (who am I kidding ?!) part of me knows that it's too early to say anything . I called the hospital on day 2 as I was very sick after the antibiotics and they told me to eat a bigger meal and have probiotics and if I still feel sick they could change the antibiotics . But I've been eating more and staying hydrated (which is hard when your throat feels like it's been slashed from the inside ) so the nausea is getting better . Rosie the nurse called me yesterday to check how I'm doing and confirm my cast removal appointment next week (eek!) . I mentioned the dribbles and she asked me to clean with saline wanter and only on the outside . I contacted the out of hours number given to me today as I felt I was dribbling more blood even at day 4. The nurse told me that Dr Ion would call me back . And he did about 30 mins ago . He was so reassuring that most of my worries have alleviated . He told me the dripping was normal as long as it wasn't gushing out blood and it was my nose healing itself . I told him my nose was so fat that I was worried it was permanent . He did laugh at that and said no he had done considerable work so it was bound to be swollen and what I was seeing wasn't the shape of the nose but a lot of swelling (sonny nose won't be piggish and fat and gigantic !? Whew!). Anyhow , i just wanted to give all of you an update and some tips before going back into hiding . I'm trying to stay positive so staying away from real self helps me gain a more objective outlook ) However , some tips before I go: Get fresh q-tips, alcohol wipes for the injections , pineapple juice and bromelain for the swelling , arnica and multivitamins, saline water , actimel (or any other probiotic drink ) comfortable pillows and plenty of patience and positivity. Try and eat bigger meals or little and often so that the medicines don't make you sick . I don't know how my nose will look like once the cast is off or later but I'm trying to take it one day at a time . You will feel very low and depressed the first couple of days but believe me it will get better . I'm just hoping that even if Dr Ion hasn't worked his miracle my nose looks way better than my botched nose and closer to the morphs he made . When I look at my rather large nose these days I keep telling myself this is not it . So hang in there . I hope your upcoming surgeries go well and we all get good results :)
I will try and update you all as soon as I can . Take care . X

Throat hurts like a b----h** any tips ?

Hi guys . It's been 5 days post op but my throat hurts like crazy . I was going to call the out of office emergency line provided by the clinic but this isn't really an emergency so thought I'd ask you all for some tips . Tried soup and lozenges but they're not helping . Any tips please ? Anytime I swallow it hurts so bad . The pain got better this morning but came back .

Another update - cast removal and 11 days post op.

Hi everyone . Sorry I've stayed away for a few days . I'm catching up on all the private messages and responses . It's been very busy as I'm back on mummy duties and gearing to go back to work . I wanted to deliberately wait awhile and post an update so I could do a proper one . So cast removal was very interesting . It wasn't painful at all and only mildly uncomfortable as I had some dried blood in my nose . Rosie the nurse is absolutely wonderful so gentle and reassuring . She chatted while cleaning my nose and removing the cast and splints (which are huge plastic things by the way!) . Before she let me look in the mirror ,she warned me that my swelling was considerable and this wasn't what my nose would look like . Anyhow when I looked in the mirror a very swollen, oily faced Princess Fiona (yes from Shrek!) stared back at me . I wasn't shocked as I had expected a lot of swelling . But I was a little taken back by the extent of the swelling . My nose and face was completely swollen . My tip was fat and almost square lol. Needless to saw this wasn't one of the magical reveals we see on tv:) Rosie gave me prescription for another week of antibiotics , a care sheet and some vitamin k . I then decided to get my complimentary massage done ( I forgot what it's called something lymph - for swelling ) from Pepper (who was very sweet ) . Although the massage was very relaxing , I don't really think it did much for my swelling . Once I was done - I cleaned up my face with some wipes and felt much better . However when I stepped out to go to the car I'm pretty sure I scared some people (eek!) . My husband was also shocked to finally see my nose and that made me smile - which I couldn't do because of all the swelling . And that scared him even more . Haha ! I'm going to be putting up some pictures to show everyone the swelling . It has improved a lot over the past 4 days but there is still a lot of swelling especially at my tip which is very flat and square at the minute . Also the area under my right eye is quite dark and my lower face has mild swelling which is only visible to anyone who saw me before the surgery . My nostrils look more symmetrical then they did while the splints were still in there - so that's reassuring . I can also breathe through ny nose which Im so happy about :) The rib is also healing nicely although can get tender especially as I've become more active because if my son . I'm icing , using sinus rinse, taping my nose at night and also using some arnica cream to help with the healing . Other than that , I'm trying to be optimistic and not focus on my nose too much as I know that swelling and healing is a waiting game . So far, I am pleased with the slight definition I see after icing or in the morning once I remove the tape . However , there is still a lot of swelling . I guess I can see the potential but I'm still not sure how my nose will turn out in terms of symmetry . I know Dr Ion had to do a lot of work to fix the mess my old surgeon made and I'm confident that he has improved my nose . But time will tell what it will finally look like . Fingers crossed! I will start putting up some pictures shortly and update as soon as I am able . Good luck to everyone who has their surgery coming up soon !:)


Hi everyone - as promised , I'm uploading some pictures after cast removal

Another update - 18 days post surgery

Hi everyone . So I thought I'd do another quick update . I am now 19 days post surgery - back at work and into my normal routine . The swelling is still quite substantial and sometimes deceives me into thinking that this is the final result (which scares me ) . However , I've spoken to some lovely ladies and Dr Ion and been assured that swelling is usually at its peak at this time . My cheeks are still a little puffy and my bridge and tip are very hard and swollen . However , I think that swelling is going down slowly and I just need to be patient . I had a bit of a scare the other day when a white stitch was poking out of my right nostril and I thought it was a permanent suture . Plus the scar at my right nostril is very obvious and swollen . I contacted Dr Ion's practice about both . Dr Ion called me and assured me that the white suture was a dissolvable one so nothing to worry about . Reading the swollen scar he told me to contact my GP right away or come in , in case it was an infection . I live outside London so I visited my GP who told me that there was no infection and that I was just very swollen and should take it easy .
I've been very busy these days but trying to use lots of sinus since and clean my nose , using cold cloths and taping my nose at night . Everyone is different in terms of swelling I think and I feel I'm very swollen particularly due to the rib . But one of the lovely ladies here have been showing me her before and after and that constantly reassures me and keeps me motivated . I think the first few weeks following surgery are very hard and no matter how prepared you are , it is not easy to deal with the swelling . Your whole face looks different (at least in my case ) and you feel very low sometimes . But it's important to stay positive and wait . In my case , although I'm still apprehensive and swollen up, I am confident in DR Ion's skills and know what he has improved my nose . The final result is a long way off and I'm going to try my best to stay patient and positive .
Dr Ion and his staff are lovely though . So far my experience has been very positive . I've been dealing with a lady called Rusheda and she's been brilliant . I think Dr Ion is genuinely concerned about his patients and that's a very important quality to have in your surgeon . I think that even if I have some issues left , Dr Ion will work with me to resolve them .
I've also had a lot of congestion and a bad cough this week and occasional headaches. But every time I'm worried , I call/ email the practice and they always get back to me . I will be seeing Dr Ion at the end of the month . Will keep you all posted . I'm going to put up a picture later as well because at this point I'm still very swollen . Good luck to everyone with their procedures and happy healing :)

Pictures removed.

Hi everyone - sorry but I've removed my pictures from the review . The reason I put them up was to help everyone as all your pictures really helped me . However at the same time I wanted to keep my identity private. But I've started getting messages which aren't very nice . Anyhow , once my swelling has resolved a little I will think about doing a quick before and after with zoomed pictures of just my nose so people can see if and what the improvement has been . I'm not going to let some unkind messages deter me from helping others - but I need to look out for myself too . In the meantime I'm will be seeing doctor Ion very soon so will post an update regarding what he says .

Ps: swelling is still substantial and my nose looks much wider than before . I'm hoping this is just swelling so will discuss with Dr Ion . As I said before I can see the improvement re symmetry but the width of the nose so far and the huge tip are still bothering me . X

Quick update - 8 weeks post op

Hi everyone . Apologies but I have deliberately avoided real self . I will get back to your comments and messages but it's been very busy at my end and sometimes being on real self makes you focus too much on your nose . So it's been 8 weeks today. I am healing well but with some hiccups . So at my 4 week post op I got the steroid injections which Dr Ion recommended. I had asked him about side effects and he said I was low risk but side effects were always a risk. Post injections my nose swelling has gone down a little bit (I mean the buffer swelling which makes your nose appear huge is gone ) but the rest will just go with time . However I have three visible dents on either side of my nose which are very noticeable and not concealed well with makeup. Ive been waiting for them to get better but it's not happening . A part of me I'd freaked out but the other part is optimistic. I did send an email to Dr Ion regarding this and he got back to me saying that this may be temporary and resolve by the time I see him in October (I have a feeling they won't !) . Otherwise he can give me some filler which will make it go away (permanently I hope!) . I go on holiday soon and I wish I didn't have those dents - I was even asked about it at work . But I am hopeful that if this is a very common occurrence after injections and Dr Ion has probably seen worse and can rectify it . So in the meantime I will be patient albeit denty and hope for the best . Some positive messages or similar (but positive ) stories are welcome . Other than the dents my nose is still wider than I hoped but Dr Ion said that it could be hard swelling and only time will tell how it will finally look like . My profile is better than my front . My left profile is more defined and nicer than my right so hoping that once the tip gets more refined the right side catches up to the left !
Apologies but I will not be sending anyone pictures as some of you lovely people requested . I would like to remain anonymous and when I'm ready I will upload some .
I will keep you all posted after I see Dr Ion and let you know if the dent issue was resolved and if any major changes happen in the meantime I will let you all know . I am catching up with all your messages and will respond as soon as I can .x
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