I Want Rhinoplasty, Never Been Happy with my Nose! Who to Go With??

Hey guys, I am 27 years of age and have never...

Hey guys, I am 27 years of age and have never really liked my nose....I always found it to be too large for my nose thus making all my other features look terrible! I have a bulbous tip and it looks slightly wonky on the right side. A few years ago my nose was broken and that was it. My life was turned upside down, not only did I already hate my nose but I was left with it looking even worse than it did before the break. I had my nose put back in place under anesthetic by the NHS however after one year the right side of my nose started to look wonky and the bone started to become really apparent. My hate for my nose is now becoming unbearable. I cannot stand being in pictures with my friends on nights out or even look at myself in the mirror most days as it really upsets me!

I have been looking at Lucian Ion's website and reading reviews on Dr Tahery. I have been in touch with Dr Ion's secretary who has informed me that rhinoplasty starts from 8k, which I do feel is pricey however would be worthit in order for me to feel more comfortable and at ease not only when out with friends but also meeting new people. I am wondering whether anyone on the forum has had revision rhinoplasty with either Dr Tahery or Dr Ion and how much it cost.

I would also like to hear from some of you with your stories and experiences if possible. :)

I look forward to hearing from you. ;)

Consultation with Dr Lucian Ion - London

Hi! :)

I have always disliked my nose, even more so since 2011 when it was broken as I was elbowed in my face leading to one side of my nose collapsing!! I now think it is about time I deal with the problem that is my nose as I am fed up of looking in the mirror 50 times a day!! I heard about Lucian via a plastic surgeon I speak to from London, he said he is by far one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in London and he tells some of his patients to go to him if they need facial surgery. I did not want to go with a chain like Mya or Transform as I had surgery in the past with Transform and wasn't overly impressed with the patient care. I went ahead therefore and booked a consultation with Lucian Ion. 

 Please note that I have not yet had surgery yet however after my consultation with Lucian Ion I am seriously considering having rhinoplasty next year and booking him to do it. 

Before seeing Lucian I was extremely nervous however once I had met him and was sat in the room talking I felt completely at ease. Mr Ion is a very nice man and extremely knowledgeable and professional, probably the most professional surgeons I have met (I have had previous cosmetic surgery). 

The main reason I want rhinoplasty is because one I do not like the width of my nose and how rounded/bulbous the tip is and two to remove a bone that sticks out on the side of my nose (I broke my nose in 2011, the bump formed after the break and manipulation under anaesthetic performed by an NHS surgeon). 

 Whilst I was at Dr Ion's clinic he took pictures of my nose and also checked my nose internally and externally. From observation he found that I have a deviated septum (which I did not know about). He then uploaded my pictures to the PC....my gosh when I saw the pictures I realised my nose is actually worse than what I had always thought! I actually thought that my nose was very off centre and looked as though it tilted to one side ever so slightly. He was very honest with me (which I like). By honest I mean he told me I had an unsymmetrical face and told me that one eye is lower than the other as is my jaw.... for some people this may upset them however I could see that too from the images taken and actually liked how observant he was as I know from past experience some surgeons can be too nice, which usually means they want one thing... money!! He then proceeded to show me images of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and how their faces too were unsymmetrical, this made me feel better knowing even those people whom we all think are beautiful also have slight flaws and that this is okay! :) 

Mr Ion said it is possible to refine my tip to make it more defined and also it is possible to shave the bone down that sticks out on the right hand side of my nose. I was really worried that I would end up with a wide bridge after surgery so I asked Dr Ion whether this occurs often as I am already unahppy with the width of my bridge and if it was even wider than it is now I would be devastated! He assured me this is very unlikely to happen and that his revision rate is 15% which I consider rather low. I also took some pictures of noses I liked with me to the consultation, I know people say do not do this but I was struggling to tell him what type of nose I actually liked. He appreciated me showing him the picture and told me the nose I liked was more than achievable and actually smiled when I said I didn't think the nose I wanted was achievable with what I already have on my face and what he has to work with. 

 Overall my consultation with Dr Ion was a very positive one and I will most probably be booking surgery with him for April next year. I can't have surgery before as he is booked up now until October and I am back at university and on placement so won't be able to have the time off which is unfortunate. 

The only thing I could advise people if they are going to book a consultation is to take questions in with you, I did not do this and will need to book another consultation to ask questions that I forgot to do on the initial meeting! :( 

I have attached the morphs that Mr Ion did for me together with some images that he took of my nose as it is now.... which I find horrendous! Any comments on the morphs would be really appreciated. I am not sure I am 100 percent keen on the front morph as I don't think I can see much of a change, although it is slightly more defined I don't think the change is that noticeable. 

Thanks for reading! :)

Operation booked!!

I saw Lucian in July and the consultation went brilliantly. Since then I have been debating whether to book surgery but .... today I went ahead and did it! Surgery is booked for 30th May 2017. I am so anxious still but knew I needed to go ahead and book as looking in the mirror is a constant reminder of what happened when I broke it years ago and don't think I'll ever get past it. I am looking forward to having something similar to my old nose back from the side. I have uploaded a recent pic of me, even with makeup I dislike my nose :( .

Updated pics....

Further pics of my nose as it is now without make up :(
London Plastic Surgeon

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