Rhinoplasty, a long time coming - London, GB

Questioning my decision..

Hi everyone,

I've had a couple of people privately message me saying that I shouldn't go ahead with Mr Tahery. His results are bad, the columella is stitched terribly, his reviews are bad and doesn't offer corrections for mistakes. I'm having a meltdown and was hoping for some advice or guidance from patients! xx

Constitution with Dr Ion, Second Time Lucky!

Hello everyone,

Without going into my story that I'm sure you all have experienced to
some degree (this is on my other review, so can't be bothered to type
it again!), I have wanted rhinoplasty since I was 12/13. I'm now 27, so
it's been a long time coming!My wedding in June 2017 has given me the kick up the backside to take the plunge and finally do it. I
had an initial consultation with Mr Tahery at the Nuffield Clinic in
Chester - but after receiving some messages from patients asking

to reconsider, I started to have doubts. Then, speaking to my fiancé
about it, he wasnt prepared to let me have surgery knowing that I wasn't
100% certain.Dr Ion was my first choice, but the costs
are higher (and I now realise why) and Mr Tahery was quoting me £6000.
However, I have reconsidered costing and have booked my first
consultation with Dr Ion on 4th August. I attempted to
organise a pre-booking of the surgery with the secretary, as I'm very
time conscious and aware that he's getting booked in advance at the
moment. The secretary explained that surgery can't be booked until the
first meeting, as I may not be suitable. It was worth a try! She did say
that if any dates are cancelled before the date I pick, then she'd let
me know. Fingers crossed!! For those who have had surgery
with Dr Ion or considering it/booked it.. how long did you wait between
consult and surgery and approximately how much was the quote? I'm
hoping mine stays around £8000!

thanks everyone ??

Consultation complete with Lucian Ion

Hello everyone ?? Just wanted to say thanks to anyone who has messaged me - they didn't pop up in my notifications and my RealSelf app crashes every time I try to look at my Inbox so I apologise for not responding quicker! The amount of people back in June warning me about Tahery is pretty substantial. Most of them were sweet, but one in particular I have had to ask that he reconsiders his wording to other people on here. So far, this website has been really helpful so thank you to those lovely people messaging me.

Just had my consultation with Lucian Ion and the difference in quality of information obtained and shared is undeniable! I turned up, completed a form about medication, health etc and saw Dr Ion at 4.15 prompt which was great and unexpected.

He then looked through my form, checking some info before looking up my nose for functionality and to look at the slight deviation my septum has to one side. From that, I sat against a black background and he took photos of me face on, looking up, down, 45 degree angle and side profile on both sides.

We then discussed what I would like to achieve and what I feel are the issues at the moment. He loaded the pictures up (cringe moment) and he created a morph based on our discussion. He then tweaked it about and said its an initial idea, but saved the pictures onto a USB stick for me to keep and review - a lovely touch. He went through the anatomy of the nose, the procedure, his techniques etc. He's a very nice, calm, professional yet warm guy, I felt comfortable despite discussing something on my face I am currently UNCOMFORTABLE with!!!

I then spoke with his secretary who gave me two quotes: one as a day case and one with hospital stay. Day case £7950 and hospital is £400 more. She recommended I stay in London overnight but not necessarily the hospital due to living a couple hours away. I appreciated that there wasn't a push to sell the hospital stay.

Rough approximate wait is a few months, she suggested week commencing 21st November if I decide to go ahead. She said I should take some time to think before calling, but my mind is pretty certain. She also said I could see him for a second time to clarify anything, ask questions etc which I think I will do for peace of mind.

I hope the rundown of my consultation is helpful to anyone else - I'll be calling her in the next couple days to book it I think! I will upload the morph later when I'm not using my phone :)

Morphs by Dr Ion

Hi everyone - here are my morphs. He focused on the side profile mostly as this causes me the greatest upset. He didn't really work too much on the front, but it's straighter and refined (my septum leans to the right and causes me constant sinus and nasal congestion, so getting it sorted).

What does everyone think? I definitely think it's a huge improvement - I think that possibly, I'd like a little more slope, so my tip is ever so slightly raised. I don't want the piggy look of course, but maybe a little refining so it's more feminine? Thanks everyone x

Surgery Booked!!

Oh my god.. it's actually happening! 25th November, deposit paid and I'm the first one in the morning. I have to be there for 7am with a view for an 8am start.

Even though it will be an amazing decision and I'm so excited.. I am shitting it a little.

Really hope I find some others going into surgery on the same day, would be lovely to meet you :)

Lucian Ion - Surgery complete! Day 11 post-op

Hello everyone :)

I am currently day 11 into my recovery (surgery took place on 25th November) and despite the long journey that will be swelling, I am over the moon with the result.

I arrived at Weymouth Hospital at 7:00am and they showed me to my room for the day: I opted as a day case as opposed to overnight. The lovely nurse asked me to change into the hospital gown, put the hairnet, stockings (for DVT) and paper pants - no bra, etc. They keep the room warm to lower your blood pressure for the anaesthetic, it was lovely and toasty.

The anaesthetist came in at 7:30am, reviewed my medical history, asked if other relatives have had general anaesthetic, etc. I then chilled out in my room watching TV and ordered my meal for after surgery (lovely choice of food). Lucian then came in (I think it must have been 8am, but I'm unsure) and discussed my morphs a final time. Really kind and reassuring.

Then I was taken in the lift to the prep room - I laid on a bed and they wrapped me in blankets to keep me warm. The anaesthetist was lovely, chatted to me and said that it will feel like I've had a couple drinks of my favourite alcohol. He asked
me to tell him when I noticed a change - the ceiling started spinning, I felt tipsy and that's all I remember.

I woke up at 12:15 and laid there for half an hour as they observed my heart rate etc. I remember a scratchy throat sensation from the tube, which wasn't very pleasant. They wheeled me back to my room and the recovery started. I had no swelling initially and then throughout the day... BOOM! My eyes were barely able to open.

Before leaving hospital, they gave me my medication to take for the next week: Doxycycline, Tranexamic Acid, Co-dydramol and DVT self-administered injections.

My family got me back to the hotel at roughly 8pm and had to sleep upright with my V pillow. Didn't sleep great because my mum snores but was in and out of dozing.

The next seven days consisted of the swelling gradually improving, sleeping at a 70 degree angle, drinking lots of water through a straw, using lip balm, dry mouth spray, tissues, taking medication, watching Netflix and naps.

Cast off was a week later and despite my nose looking like a swollen sausage from the front, the profile is such a improvement and I can breathe through my nostrils for the first time in 10 years (my surgery was also functional).

I'll post an anon picture here but do private message me if you'd like to speak more. xxx
London Plastic Surgeon

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