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I know some folk have an improving result with...

I know some folk have an improving result with Fraxel... Friends have had it done and I have watched their relatively easy recoveries. Pure vanity prompted me to book my first Fraxel sitting... The first and last I might add. Personally I wish I had never considered it and stupidly my skin wasn't even bad to begin with, I just wanted freshening up. Considering this is an aggressive attack on the skin it should not to be taken so lightly... I was just too impulsive.

The results have been horrid and I am left with hundreds of open pore type marks and what I can only describe as paper cuts in multitude over both cheeks... I have noticeably darker circles under my eyes and if I so much as touch my skin it tears or scuffs... It itches often and generally just looks haggard and sensitive. Bizarrely a few new wrinkles [or scars, whichever they happen to be], have popped up out of nowhere around my mouth and smile lines. Basically I have trashed my perfectly good skin with this aggressive procedure that costs £700 per sitting.

Let it be stated that the forehead is fine and recovered mush faster and without issue but I can see absolute zero difference after the fact. There is no noticeable difference with forehead but then I did only sit one session at mark 40.

The one week downtime was more like 8 weeks... and still counting. I have since been to the Harley Street clinic twice to review the situation only to be fobbed off and told it will recover, it might just take longer... doubtfully I remain unconvinced by that answer and expect some permanent damage. As for the blotches and skin discolourations, the nurse [not the doctor] said the two glasses of red wine I had on Day 4 was to blame for the skin patches and my body temperature would have increased as a result of having a few drinks. At no point was I told alcohol was ill advised or that my face would explode into deep red blotches and acne if I drank alcohol... Albeit a few glasses of red. I only ever got the occasional spot and mild dermatitis that comes and goes but is not often and does not bother me... This was acne [has since gone] and prolonged ongoing recover.

So I asked, when and how do they know for certain it will all go away when I was originally told it would be one week recovery? The answer I was given... This happens in 1/300 Fraxel procedures, also something not for-mentioned. Thinking about this clinic provided almost no information on the procedure, risks, stats, aftercare or rather any serious aftercare to address the new problems. I am as much to blame but then it is their job to talk you through it all. For good measure I'll be making another appointment with a different clinic for a second opinion and if this is fixable, I do hope my newly wrecked skin recovers.

As the skin texture is now covered in paper cuts, open pores and odd patches [8 weeks on] it is hard to photograph, clear to the eye but hard to capture in standard images. It has a texture similar to an Orange... I can honesty say I see no improvements but definite degradation.

I got me an Orange peel face and not a single compliment. Penance for vanity and a regrettable experience... That'll teach me.

On the advice of two other [REAL] Dermatologists I...

On the advice of two other [REAL] Dermatologists I have been going to bed wearing an ALeo Vera drenched face cloth mask like thing... I have seen some immediate improvement in the orange peel texture.. the pore like holes are still there but the texture has improved and in in a few days so I truly believe the masks, although awkward to wear through the night are helping.

I have started feeling a lot more positive about the outlook.

SPF 100 at all times during daylight hours... also taking a multitude of supplements morning and night.

Thought an update was important. I am now 5...

Thought an update was important.

I am now 5 month post Fraxel... Only one sitting.

My skin is pretty much in the same state... although some creams and routines do improve the appearance, this is merely a quick fix as every second week the skin appears to be rotting again... the texture is still so unpredictable.

The consequences of my actions in deciding to do this are far reaching. I can not indulge socially, I cannot go in the sun which is a huge issue for me. Something as vital as exercise is problematic as sweat irritates my skin... but hell at least I CAN still sweat.

My confidence is still scraping the barrel and if I am honest I avoid social situation and will not be photographed... which in turns means i have resigned from my job.

The expense of aftercare is shocking and the three REAL dermatologists all said to give it a year and hope for the best regarding the texture... There is no obvious fix and all stated they would NEVER use laser on someones face unless there was no other options.

I don't know what to tell you apart from that... there has been no improvement and I expect further issues although I try to stay positive in my outlook.

The butcher than performed the operation was a complete asshole in terms of responsible aftercare although the clinic manager was willing to listen to me... Unfortunately two weeks later she stepped down so my communication with said clinic was fizzled out... No refund was made... nor did they return my deposit for the Fraxel sitting I refused to have.

One more note... I was lying done on a bed which the prep cream all over my face when they ask me to sign the waver form... I have since discovered this is illegal...

Unfortunately no laser doctor I have spoken to since will commit to telling me that Dr [whatever] Tom Bozek leaving the room mid session for 10 minutes before returning to finish the job was incorrect... At the time it felt wrong and today that still feel like an issue of malpractice... Unfortunately there was no nurse in the room and therefore no witness to this... I'm not sure we should have been alone in that room.

11 months later after one fraxel sitting [2 passes]

Well I wish this update could bare good news but like so, so, so many others mine seem to only worsen.

My skin texture is dry and leathery, blotchy and unrecognisable to what it was this time last year. It is simply ruined and continues to do so.

I has started to notice areas of fat loses... more so on the right side of my face... A general droopy sensation and a hollowing of the eyes.

My face in general has thinned out considerably and I am considering a treatment with fillers. I completely acknowledge fat loss is part of the ageing process but these areas are located where heavy damage occurred.

There appears to be scare tissue under the skin and therefore still to appear... Hyper pigmentation continues to spread across my forehead regardless of sunblock strength... doesn't seem to help so avoid the sun at all costs now.

Fraxel has wrecked my life on so many levels... It has changed me forever and I know there is nothing that can be done about it so I do my very best to stay positive and avoid fixation or focus on this matter. Times I allow it is I just spiral. I have good days I have bad days.

I detest the doctor who did this to me but I kick myself harder for the idiocy of my decision.


Well it has been a year already... Time flies when you're having a miserable time, seriously though there has been no improvement... quiet the opposite. The hundred or so open pores I never had before are still there as clear as day and, like so many others, are now forming into little lines all over my face... Crepe face. My orange peel skin is now grapefruit flavoured. Broken capillary veins I never had before have increased... the hyper pigmentation has only increased, to a frightening degree and no amount of sunblock seem to stop its damage to claim territories of my face.

More concerning, underline scarring is beginning to show though my thin, dead skin and although there has been an overall facial fat lose, it is clearly more noticeable of the right side... I am still considering fillers to address this matter but terrified of another disaster.

A year ago... almost to the hour, I made the worst decision of my life... to date. Having searched high and low for a fix I am now resided to living with this. I get little sympathy because I was always a pretty boy who modelled for a living. Now however, I will not be photographed and therefore no longer work in that career.

This idiotic move has profoundly changed my life for the worse... It affected me on so many different levels. Understandably it is a matter that is hard to explain or express to others.. hoping to find some empathy when all you feel is shame.

It was vanity [also part work related pressures] that made me take this avenue and there hasn't been a day since that it has not affected me. What else can I tell you.

I know at least four other individuals that have been mutilated by the very same doctor... A respected Harley Street doctor [apparently].

People this is insanity, self harming and lining the pockets of people who couldn't care less. Reputable clinics do not spare you from this and they sure as hell will be quick to brush you off or insult your intelligence when they screw up so badly.

These bastards are destroying peoples lives... and shamelessly so.

Good luck to anyone considering laser... madness [after the fact] but everyone has their own reasoning.

15th month post single Fraxel sitting at SK:N London [Dr Tom Bozek]

So it's been a while... Thought I would post some pictures as they speak for themselves...

Now I understand many people with similar issues have either been ignored, insulted, palmed off, feed nonsense, blamed even but the response I find most amusing is the dismissal of natural ageing. Firstly... people do not age a week after fraxel... That is NOT natural. Secondly... If I look 10 year older within the space of 6 months, what the hell did I pay for... Obviously not the case so therefore an admittance that Fraxel does not do what it says on the box and if it does not do what is claimed; why are dermatologists flogging these procedures all over town... the contraction amuses me.

I was blamed by the clinic that did my hatchet job, apparently the two glasses of red wine I drank the following day must have made my body overheat and create these issue... That was the nurse who told me this, clearly shocked by my face. "Dr" Tom Bozek was two busy dismissing me claiming it was normal and to go home. Of course I immediately left that joint, crossed the road [Harley Street] to visit a genuine dermatologist. That second doctor told my face had been extremely burnt, the settings where clearly to high, I should not have been offered it let alone sold it as a glorified facial. He noted I had developed an infection that needed a course of antibiotics immediately.

You see the interesting part is that Dr Tom Bozek preferred to dismiss me and send me back out there with zero aftercare, information and an infected face [see photos in previous post]... He preferred doing that over admitting there was a problem or that he might be responsible or in anyway to Blame.

Dr Tom Bozek conducted every aspect of my treatment in a questionable manner. I was not informed, he claimed there was no side effects [until they occurred] but that my skin might be thinner for a while and to avoid the sun. Not only did he fail to pay attention to his work... he got up mid season to change the laser head... Why... had he not check his tools beforehand like a professional should. So he left the room leaving me in a dark room, alone, with half a lazered face whilst he strolled of into another room for 15 - 20 minutes. What he was doing I am unsure of but I am absolutely certain that was the moment he realised there had been a problem... To add insult to injury he brushed it off upon returning and proceeded to laser away at the rest of my face. The damaged areas are the areas he did before he left the room... so I cannot help but think he knew he had messed my face up... Mine and many others... You see the icing on the cake came when SK:N asked me to sign a waiver form in a bid to get a refund that should have been offered a hundred times over... The form was completely fictitious, filled with lies and claimed I had tattoo removal... As this was completely fabricated I signed it figuring its not true, so entertain them, try get your money back and sue later regardless. I have my before pictures... their before pictures, the paperwork and notes along with the fabricated waiver. Why was it fabricated... curious yes but only adds to my argument and case... which is so clearly in my favour.

I have included some images taken today... The first image though was taken 1 - 2 weeks before Fraxel... The rest are present day [15 months after] and clearly show facial fat lose, severe pigment issues across my forehead and temple... untold open pores and paper cut like line and if you look closely at my cheeks you will notice white patches, that will be the dermis scarring which forms a nice big circle like shape in right cheek... Also untold burst/broken capillaries on my newly hallowed cheekbones and paper thin barrier.

For a while I thought I had settled and come to terms with it... I wish that were the case but as it continues to get worse I've changed direction and started to question why not sue... if not for compensation then for costs of reparation... Obviously not with those cowboys but they can and should cover the costs of fixing their mess and mistakes... If SK:N value finance over patients well being then I think some justice wouldn't go amiss and will be looking into taking this further as it has clearly become an ongoing, possibly permanent situation.

"Dr" Tom Bozek treated me with arrogance and distain... When I was fragile and torn with panic, he wasn't going to show a moments interest or empathy for me. It's amazing, what with all the stories I have since learnt about him and the other Fraxel crimes he has committed [or botched tattoo removals perhaps]. Why is this man is still allowed to operate a laser gun and not working back in Oncology [Wouldn't hazard to guess but money is the probable motivation].

If only I had thought to google him, it would have been a no brainer... his reputation is horrendous.


So not only have I aged my face 10 years... The stress of it all seems to have brought about the early onset of one receding hairline... Nice... Silver linings and all ;)


I type fast and as I can't seem to edit my posts. My apologise for all the mistakes.


Dr Tom Bozek

I should have done my homework... My mistake. This clinic provided almost no information on the procedure, after care or rather any serious aftercare to address the new problems. As the skin texture is now covered in paper cuts, open pores and odd patches [9 weeks on] it is hard to photograph... clear to the eye but hard to capture in standard photo images. Basically it has a texture similar to an Orange... Orange Peel face and not a single compliment.

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