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I was aware of my nose from quite a young age,...

I was aware of my nose from quite a young age, growing up knowing my mum had had a rhinoplasty in her thirties and seeing a mirror of her old nose on my grandma - I knew what was coming for me, and for as long as I can remember have always just accepted that a nose job was in my future. My nose works perfectly fine, I have no breathing issues: I just feel that it is very much out of proportion with my face and that this is not how I am ‘supposed to look’.
My nose started growing in at 16 and, now 20, I feel that it has got particularly big in the past two years. Over the past year I have gone back and forth thinking seriously about a nose job, but a recent ‘revelation’ reminded me that the only judgement that matters when it comes to doing this is your own; I know I want to do it, and I feel ready. With a month free at the end of my university summer break (I’m in my second year), I knew I wouldn’t have a time like this in the future when I would have so long to just recover, no stress.
So after placidly reading reviews on Real Self for months, I started doing some serious research into potential surgeons. The main people I researched were Mark Solomos (didn’t want to go with Harley Medical Group after reading bad reviews online), Julian Rowe-Jones (expensive and didn’t feel like the right fit) and Lucion Ion (the most impressive before-and-afters I’ve seen online, but with prices STARTING at £7500 just too expensive).
I have now booked a consultation with David Floyd. I couldn’t find any reviews of his rhinoplasties online, but generally he seems to have a great reputation, I was impressed by his website, and he operates at a hospital 15 minutes from me. Annoyingly, this hospital - which would be £900 cheaper than where he operates in London - was fully booked with him up until October. I thought I was being organised looking 4 months in advance, but apparently not! Although, this did reassure me that he was a good (i.e. in demand) surgeon. After contacting his personal secretary, I learnt that he did have availability in August/September in the Wellington Hospital in London. Though more expensive, I was so keen to have the surgery when I had time to recover that I’m willing to spend the extra money (depending on the exact figure that turns out to be).
My main issues with my nose are that it comes out too far away from my face, droops down when I smile, the hump in the middle and the size of the nostrils. I would love a smaller, more feminine nose which would stop this feature from being the one dominating my face. I would love a slight slope, though know this doesn’t look natural on everyone.
I’ve done a load of research and my main concerns about the surgery going wrong (aside from the serious ones like trouble breathing that I’ve read about from some of the horror stories on here!) is that the tip will be too pinched, the hump not fully gone and (especially) that the nostrils will be uneven. Hopefully, though, my instincts about this surgeon are not wrong and I will be in good hands (if I decide to go ahead).
I’m uploading a couple of (poorly photoshopped) pictures of what I hope my nose will look like post-surgery, which I will show to David Floyd at my consultation with him in 3 weeks’ time.
I’ve found this website so helpful for learning about the realities of this surgery and hope that I’ll be able to get some more advice from it as I go ahead!

Before pictures

Thought I'd upload a few more for reference. Looking for similar noses on here to see what I can expect from surgery.

First consultation and surgery booked!

A week ago I met with David Floyd for my first consultation. I made sure I was very well prepared and I think he appreciated that, although I must say that I felt the consultation was quite rushed. However, I understand that his time is valuable and it’s far more important for me to have a skilled surgeon than a friend, which it was clear he is.

First he asked exactly what I didn’t like about my nose and he assessed the same things very quickly, making notes that were later clearly outlined in a follow-up letter from his clinic. The main issues were the hump on the nose, the size of the nostrils, a bulky tip and overprotection (only by a mm or two according to his measurements). I brought up the fact that I didn’t like that my tip pointed downwards when I smile, and although initially he didn’t see it as an issue, after looking at the ‘smiling’ nose from each side agreed that this was something that could be improved; he listened to my thoughts and clearly took them in as this was also included in the follow-up letter, making me confident that this will be fixed in surgery.

He took some measurements of my face and showed me an incredible before and after of a girl whose before picture looked like an exaggerated version of my nose, and the after was absolutely incredible - not just a bad nose made right, but a beautiful nose! I got so excited at the thought that the same could happen to me in just 10 weeks (just 10 more weeks left with this nose I hate!). I also showed him the first photoshopped before and after I posted on here and he said that what I had done was very similar to what he would want to do. So exciting to think that my ‘dream nose’ might actually be a realistic possibility!

He asked me if I had any questions at the end, although he had covered most of what I wanted to ask anyway. Other important information is that his revision rate is about 5%, mostly due to bone ‘re-growing’ over a hump that has been taken away (a risk I was already aware of). His revision policy is that he fixes this for free (although obviously there will be hospital fees), which I think says something about his confidence in his skill and of course put me at ease.

I was 90% convinced before my appointment that Floyd was the right choice due to my research, but his professionalism and expertise upon meeting confirmed to me that this was the direction I wanted to go. I’m currently booked into surgery for 27th August and I cannot wait! As I mentioned before, annoyingly I am having to pay £1000 more (the surgery is going to total £7000) to go to a hospital further away due to availability, but I have also been placed on a cancellation list for the local hospital and Floyd did say he’d had quite a few rhinoplasty patients recently who were able to have surgery sooner due to cancellations/postponing of surgery. A part of me is obviously keen for this to happen because of the cost - and the fact that I’m so excited to get it done! - but I also have essay deadlines on August 25th and other summer plans, so I won’t be particularly disappointed if this doesn’t come through.

I’ve been contacting the hospital near me to organise a follow-up appointment, but annoyingly their phone lines are always busy; I’ve now emailed them as Floyd’s personal secretary said it was important to get this sorted ASAP just in case the surgery is moved forward. In this next consultation I’ll be seeing morph photos of various options I could go for and will be discussing the result I want. I’m so ready and excited for the surgery date so that I can start living my life looking the way I’d always wished I could. I know that a lot of people are very judgemental about plastic surgery, but I have to say that it’s quite empowering to know it’s in your control to change something you don’t like rather than spend your life self-conscious about it.

Will update again after my next appointment - hopefully I’ll be able to post morph pictures too.

Second consultation and morphs

Today I had my second (and final) consultation before surgery and left unable to stop smiling! Mr Floyd showed me the morphs he'd created and I couldn't believe how much more feminine and less 'harsh' my face looked in the after shots.

In the second shot of the print out I've uploaded he'd got rid of the hump and de-projected the tip a little bit. In the third, the nose was given a slight slope and the tip was more upturned. At first I thought this looked a little too upturned (think Cindy-Loo Who from The Grinch) but the more I compared the more I liked how the slope changed the look of the whole face. We discussed that I would like a slight slope but without looking artificial, and he reassured me that the nostrils would not be any more visible from the front and I trust him to do a good job in the operating room.

I didn't have many questions for this appointment as most of what I wanted to know had been covered in the first meeting, but I asked him about post-op taping (his patients don't do it) and whether he recommended arnica for bruising. He asks his patients not to take arnica before the op as he did in the past and found that in a small number of patients there was increased bleeding, potentially from this herbal remedy. He did say it was fine to take it 48 hours after surgery but as it just aims to reduce temporary bruising I think I'll just allow my face to heal by itself.

Now there's just 7 more weeks to wait and my new nose could not come sooner!

Surgery done!

Yesterday, thirteen weeks after my first post on here, I finally underwent my rhinoplasty procedure - and it couldn’t have gone better!

I arrived at the (lovely) Wellington hospital at 7:30am and was visited before my surgery by the anaesthetist and my surgeon. The anaesthetist was particularly lovely, explaining everything clearly and arranging anti-anxiety medication for me. If you suffer from anxiety I’d highly recommend asking for this before surgery; I went from feeling sick with surges of nerves, unable to sit still to being much calmer, even lying in the hospital bed waiting for my midday surgery.

Whilst being put under I was shaking all over with nerves despite the medication, but it happened so quickly and the next thing I remember was waking up and then profusely apologising to two nurses for keeping them waiting for me! I was ecstatic to find that the surgeon had not used splints in my nostrils and I could even breathe out of my nose. Although this didn’t last more than a couple of hours as I soon become congested, it was a huge relief knowing I wouldn’t have to worry about having any taken out. I ‘sobered up’ quite quickly and couldn’t believe how well I felt: just a dull ache from my nose but otherwise completely normal. I experienced just a bit of nausea but this quickly passed, a relief as being sick after surgery was something I was particularly worried about. I can honestly say that the most painful part of the whole process was getting the cannula put in!

Just before bed my nose began to drip for the first time and the nurse gave me the stuff for drip pads, which I’ve been wearing a bit but have hardly any leaking (gross but hopefully reassuring haha). I slept from 10-3am that night but couldn't sleep from 3-6.30am after I woke up with a very dry mouth/throat. This was also the first time I tasted any blood in my throat (only a tiny amount though and thankfully totally manageable, as I was worried about this). I’ve been given a few sleeping pills so will take one tonight to get a better rest.

I really could tell the difference and loved how much more petite my nose looked even through the cast straight away, and am so looking forward to seeing what’s underneath in a week’s time! Since coming home today my eyes have really started to swell up and, teamed with the congestion, it is uncomfortable but temporary I know. The whole process went so much smoother than I expected and I am so, so pleased I went ahead with this (hopefully not a premature sentiment!). I’ve seen so many women on here wishing they’d done this earlier in their life, and considering how not scary the surgery has turned out to be so far I’m so glad I did all the research I could and went ahead with the surgeon I felt confident with. Now to get through the next few days of recovery in the hope it’s as uncomplicated as the surgery itself was!

Second day of recovery + tips

It’s been two days since the surgery and so far recovery is going well. I felt so much better after a 12 hour sleep (so thankful for the sleeping pills) but find I get tired very quickly just from simple things like reading articles online - the affects of the anaesthetic I’m assuming. Again virtually no pain, maybe a little aching and a fair bit of pressure from the nose and a slight stinging from inside the nostrils, but totally manageable with the pain meds (paracetamol and ibuprofen).

I’m also amazed at the bruising and swelling I’ve experienced! Yesterday and this morning my eyelids were very swollen, which was uncomfortable but icing it gave some relief. By the afternoon most of the swelling had decreased from my eyelids and just my under-eyes are puffy. Bruising-wise, my under-eyes are a little purple but there’s nothing that shocking! Tomorrow is supposed to be the worst day for exhaustion, bruising and swelling but considering it’s been 2 days already I can’t believe how normal my face is looking compared to a lot of cases I’ve seen online (and was thus prepared for!).

Another thing I thought I’d mention is that I’ve had no issue with food. Some people on here mentioned that they couldn’t taste food, but I was eating normally just a couple of hours after waking up from surgery. Although I will say that hotter liquids (tea, soup) are uncomfortable to take, building pressure in my nose, so I wait for them to cool a little or just avoid them.

There are a couple of incredibly helpful things I bought before the surgery that I’d highly recommend:

A J-shaped travel pillow. I saw this online and went out and bought it the day before my surgery and it’s been a life-saver! Allows me to rest my head comfortably when sleeping or while tired watching TV. Know I’ll use it loads when travelling in the future too! http://www.lakeland.co.uk/23841/J-Pillow
The second thing is frozen make-up sponges (filled with water). I read this tip on here and they’re so gentle but great for getting in the corners of my eyes where swelling was worst.

As I say tomorrow is supposed to be the worst day but so far I’m thankful my recovery’s been so manageable.

Hardest day of recovery so far

I was warned that today would be the worst of the recovery and indeed it has been - although not necessarily for the reasons I expected. Despite taking a sleeping pill I woke up at 6am with a horrible allergic reaction to the tape on my cheeks, and an ulcer I had at the back of my throat from the breathing tube was particularly sore.

I was able to arrange an early doctor’s appointment through my consultant and the tape was cut off, revealing two big red welts underneath, but I was told that the throat issue was just something some experience with intubation and all I could really do was gargle some salt water. I was very concerned about this because when my mum got her nose done years ago she had a bad reaction to the tube and developed tonsillitis 4 days later, ending up in A&E not being able to breathe (something I’d spoken to the consultant and nurses about). Though sore, it’s manageable and I’m hoping it gets better tomorrow. The allergic reaction is really annoying, uncomfortable and SO itchy, and has been the worst part of this process so far. I’m taking Piriton and am really hoping its better by tomorrow.

On the plus side, any hint of bruising has gone - I’ve been so lucky with bruising and it doesn’t look like any is going to develop at this point. The swelling has really moved into the cheeks and I’ve got the infamous ‘chipmunk’ look, which has been another problem: I can’t stop laughing at it! Every time I saw myself in a mirror, or saw people at the hospital giving me a horrified double-take, I could not stop laughing; not great for the nose but at least it boosts morale! Another bit of swelling I’ve noticed now the tape’s off is in between my eyebrows. From other’s photos, the biggest difference from the profile as the months go by is between the brows, so it was a reminder to me that my nose will not look as it’s supposed to for a while, and that I should prepare myself for this. It’s all supposed to be up from here so I’m looking forward to getting through the next couple of days to see what’s under the cast on Wednesday.

Cast off!

This morning I had my cast removed and I am so, so happy! I was lucky enough not to need internal splints and my stitches are dissolvable, so I wasn’t nervous about getting my cast removed. The nurse literally just pulled the cast off my nose, and it was a bit painful - it felt like she might either pull my nose off with it or push my it into my face! I still got off lightly compared to others with splints and stitches though, so I can’t complain. My consultant then came to see me and seemed quite surprised at how bad my allergic reaction had been (so excuse the red marks on my cheeks in the pictures - they will go down soon!) and explained that there was some swelling all over the nose so it would get smaller, especially at the tip. It’s nice to know it’ll get even more petite but I’m ecstatic with the results even now!

I can’t express how pleased I am that I went through with this. I know that many people think that plastic surgery is superficial and extreme, but being able to go out feeling good about myself and not feel bad about how I look every time I look in the mirror is priceless. Many people get so caught up in the moral debate when deciding whether or not to go ahead, but having gone through the experience I have to question why. Yes, it’s expensive, but for me the experience has not been a difficult one: it was a week of my life feeling a bit uncomfortable with very little pain, but in just a few days I’ve made a change that will make me so much happier. It's hard to believe that something that bothered me SO much is fixed in just a week. I don’t believe that everyone should change their features if they bother them, but if, like me, you’ve consistently had an issue with your nose for a long time, have done all the research you can, have saved the money and gone with a surgeon you trust, why feel guilty about it? There is no need to worry about the stigma if surgery sits right morally with you.

I also have to say how happy I was with the overall experience provided by my surgeon. All my questions were answered, whether in consultations or via email - something I was particularly impressed with. His secretary, Sheila, was so lovely over the phone and always got back to my emails within a couple of hours. Having read of other’s bad communication experiences through organisations like the Harley Medical Centre and MYA, I definitely appreciated this and felt cared for and respected as a patient. Even small touches like the well-presented folder with pre- and post-op information in acted as constant reassurance of Mr Floyd's professionalism. The reason I started posting on here was because I couldn’t find any reviews for him online, so hopefully the next person researching him will be reassured by my experience!

I’m looking forward to seeing how my nose develops as the swelling goes down and can’t wait to go back to uni feeling confident in a couple of week’s time! Hopefully these posts will be helpful for those looking into rhinoplasty.
London Plastic Surgeon

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