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Hi, bit apprehensive about my surgery (fat graft...

Hi, bit apprehensive about my surgery (fat graft to buttocks with VASER liposuction) coming up and wondered if anyone had any advice or experiences they could share with me.

I've read from a number of surgeons on this site that vaser liposuction would not be their preferred method of fat transfer as vaser lipo tends to destroy the fat cells, hence making them less likely to survive when put somewhere else... :/

This method of liposuction is one my surgeon (Dr Hamlet) seems very keen on using.

Any comments/stories/experiences would be very much appreciated.

10 days post op

Okay, had my surgery on the 31st of October in Harley Street which was VASER liposuction from stomach, flanks and back and fat graft to buttocks. All in all I am delighted with the results. My body shape has been transformed from what I can see to 'hourglass'. The only thing I can complain about is that I developed a seroma (fluid under the skin as a result of surgery). Seromas can happen with any operation and does not necessarily mean that anything went wrong. I also do not have an infection and seromas are not dangerous. Only difficulty mine is excruciatingly painful. Having live in South Wales which is a five hour drive from London, I went to my nearest A&E. The surgeons were reluctant to drain it as they said it may re-occur and that seromas can sometimes be re-absorbed by the body. They did eventually drain it and I felt great again. Unfortunately within a day, the fluid started to return. The way I can describe it is a constant dull ache with agonising shooting pains whenever I move... yay =/. Currently in hospital waiting to see if someone else will drain it or if I will have to drive to London to get it drained. Before and after pictures will follow when I get this resolved as I know how much I appreciated others' pictures and stories.
Dr Grant Hamlet

Fantastic doctor. Very passionate about results and patients' well-being. Listened to me.

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