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I am scheduled with Dominic Bray in London for...

I am scheduled with Dominic Bray in London for July 19 and now starting to realise the enormity of my decision! I'm having face and brow lift with upper eyes. Very concerned re recovery as I do bruise and live in a really small community so definitely won't be able to go out. I also work out and jog so will find it very hard to be feeling lard like.
Wish me luck!


Went yesterday for the pre op lymphatic massage and skincare. Lovely girls - now it's the countdown to next Tuesday.

Horror movie

Going to have to sit in the hairdressers for a couple of hours looking at my face.Not a good experience, hopefully this will change soon.

Terrible before pics!

I can't bear to look at these, without make up, hair not styled but I thought I would like to remember why I am doing this. I do scrub up better but it's needing more work.

Horrible befores

Can't bear to look at this - Hopefully we will see improvement!


I can't seem to upload video - should be really simple. It goes through the process of loading then i just get an error message. Any ideas?

4 weeks on

I have just had my hair cut and it was the first time for years that I didn't mind looking in their mirror. It's my eyes that really strike me as the brow lift has really opened them up. In fact I can't use my usual level of eye make up because it looks too much. Amazing. I saw Dominic today and all is great, barely any scars. I do have a red area under my skin which isn't bruising and he explained that the blood vessels have been disturbed, particularly as this is a second lift. I think that was the explanation however it's quite usual and over the next couple of months it will fade. At my 3 month review he can laser it if it's still around. Although it's a bit of a nuisance compared to the benefits it really is worth it.


Really irritating, but one eye isn't quite right as it has a droopy overhang on the outer part of the eye. I think this may be the brow lift rather than the eyelid surgery because if I place a finger on the outer corner above my eyebrow and lift about a quarter of an inch the skin is lifted and the eye is fine. I don't want to do anything until everything has settled down but Dominic has said this is easy to rectify. I'm not sure if massaging with a slight upward movement would help?

10 months on

I've been asked to update so here goes ... all has gone really well. A couple of minor issues, a little eye overhang was removed really easily and one brow is marginally higher than the other which Dominic will look at when I have my year review. I really love my eyes, the browlift has really opened them up. I have had a slight thinning of my hair on one side at the front , I'm not really sure if the lift is the reason but I have read this can happen. Baby hairs are growing so I'm sure it will be ok but not something I'd thought of before the op. I think It could be hormonal but does seem a coincidence.
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