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Hi all! I had my PIP implants removed for free of...

Hi all! I had my PIP implants removed for free of charge by the NHS just over a week ago. I have had them since 2008 and when I saw all of the bad press about them I decided to have them removed and not replaced. I while ago I was diagnosed with a auto-immune disease and I am convinced that is linked to the implants. Like many other women on this site I don't know what possessed me have the operation in the first place. I think mainly being young niave and giving into peer pressure. Since pretty much the start I have hated them and always covered them up. I hate wearing cut tops and bikinis and always worried that people would know that they were fake and I hated that feeling. Not only that but the difficulty of finding clothes / underwear / swimwear that fitted was a nightmare.

I am small framed and I always felt I had to be careful with what I chose to wear because I worried how I might look with the implants and it's amazing what they can do to a nice outfit. I'm now very happily married and feel very happy with my appearance and accept that we should accept what god has given us and not to mess with our bodies and try to be happy with what you have. I strongly agree that counciling should be given post surgery so that young women know exactly what they are agreeing to and how serious the level of commitment is. I couldn't be happier and I only wish I made the decision sooner. It's so nice to feel natural and not to have a foreign product in my body. I'm still very sore and having trouble sleeping and I am keen to get back into exercising but told to wait at least 3 weeks. I have also been adviced to wear a sports bra for as long as possible. Previously I was a 30E and now I have a 32C. Sorry to go on and any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and any questions please do ask. X


Surgeon was amazing in all aspects only disappointed that he tried to convince me to have the replaced.

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