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I have tried many treatments for my cellulite,...

I have tried many treatments for my cellulite, like velashape and combined with lustra and achieved good result at the time of having the treatments but found that the cellulite ALWAYS come back after a few months.. So a lot of money and time spent on something which is temporary. During my last session of velashape the therapist at the clinic I go to recommended me a cellulite leggings to wear between my appointment and once course was finished. They are £120 and feels like a normal pair of leggings but very soft and silky. The technology in the leggings is a patented formula which has bio crystals that interact with your skin to break down the cellulite, speed circulation and break up fat cells. I got them even though I wasn't convinced mainly as I trust my therpist and she was swearing by them. I finished my last course of velashape over 6 months ago and been wearing the leggings almost every day and NO cellulite has come back... I also bought a pair for my mum and her cellulite has improved dramatically too. I cannot recommend these leggings enough!! They are called Crystal Smooth anti- cellulite leggings from MACOM. Worth every penny!

Photos of anti-cellulite leggings

I was asked by quite a few about photos of the anti-cellulite leggings. Here they are. I first bought the regular length ones which are like capri length (I am 5,6 feet tall and these are the one's I am wearing in the photo). I have now also bought the full length which come all the way to the ankle. I really like these.

Anti-cellulite leggings before and after - 3 months photo - Just can't believe it :))))))

People who say slender people don't get cellulite is just wrong, I first noticed a slight cellulite on my thigh when I was about 14 years old and even though I didn't know what it was at the time, I just hated it! Over the years I have tried pretty much everything (!) and my quest to find a solution for my problem has sometimes bordered on obsession - LOL. I just wanted to update you on the crystal Smooth leggings I posted a little while ago. I have been wearing the anti-cellulite leggings for a good few months now and in the last few weeks I have slacked a bit on wearing them as I had seen such a good result already (ekk maybe I shouldn't... wouldn't want the result to go...!). It was only the other day when I was in the changing room in a shop that I caught a glance in the 4-way mirror that I nearly screamed out in joy when I saw my legs in the strong shop light .... there was virtually no dimples in my thighs or bum (!!!!) :)))))))))). By default, I have always avoided looking in those mirrors as I am such a perfectionist and seeing dimply thighs puts me in such a damp mood. I honestly couldn't believe what I saw in the mirror. I have updated with a photo and to compare with my before photo, I appreciate that my cellulite isn't the worst in the world but I am slender frame and the cellulite was definitely noticeable, it always used to make me feel so self conscious that I would not wear a bikinii without a sarong over etc. I am going to continue wearing the leggings, either in the day or while sleeping to make sure the results don't go.

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