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I tell myself I'm going to write a review the...

I tell myself I'm going to write a review the whole way through but here I am starting late once again! I had my initial consultation in the middle of August 2016 and was offered a cancellation 2 weeks later (August 30/16) which I (almost reluctantly) accepted. I had an elective septorhinplasty last August, which I paid for, so it's been interesting to see the difference between private pay and OHIP. Anywho, I thought after having my nose done that this would be a breeze - I was wrong!

I was a 34DDD, about 130lbs and 5'4 pre-op. My goal size was a "full" C, but my PS wanted to do a "small" C. I am currently on day 3 post-op, and have not been enjoying the experience. I had two drains placed for each breast, which came out yesterday. They were supposed to come out the day after my surgery but I had way too much drainage, thankfully it went down a lot by the second day. I am a big baby so I had to lie down on my bed, eyes closed and headphones blasting music. I would recommend this to anyone who is queasy - drain removal is not a nice sight. The pain wasn't so bad for the first drain removal and I was like "ok this is totally overblown online." Then the second one I screamed, lol. The nurse who removed them said one was further in and curved so I could feel her stopping and trying to un curve it :( I was glad to get them out though. I've had an RPN come every day to check my incisions and they say I am healing well and everything looks good (although what else can they say?) I am eating a ton of veggies and fruit to get my fiber but can't bring myself to eat much more. I originally requested T3s because I thought they would suffice, but I ended up calling and asking for stronger meds (got percocets). Sorry if it's TMI but I have been so constipated as a result. I've been taking a laxative/stool softener, eating my fiber, drinking water constantly and walking when I can, so I don't know what more I can do, ugh.
Anyways I am definitely rambling on... Hopefully next post I will have some pictures and a more coherent review:)
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