Very Good but Needs Experienced Operator - London, UK

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I am 24, generally thin but have pockets of fat on...

I am 24, generally thin but have pockets of fat on my abdomen and love handles. I was hoping to gain a smoother body contour and flatten these areas. I had 4 Accent treatments in one clinic which gave excellent results. I had a further 2 at another clinic which was much cheaper, but there were no visible results. I will tell you about the first clinic in detail because I believe this is what you should experience in order to get results for FAT reduction (I have no experience with cellulite) At the first clinic it was painful, and my skin came up in blisters in some places. The blisters mostly disappeared by the next day. My skin was hot and red. The nurse said this was necessary to get results, since it was a medical treatment, not a spa.

The results were fantastic. In the second clinic they used a much lower power setting, and it felt "like a warm massage" (as the manufacturers claim).

I hope this helps you make up your mind. You must find a good clinic and remember: No pain no gain. But bear in mind that if you put the weight back on, you'll lose the results. It's a lot of money to spend on a temporary reduction.

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