33 Year Old Undergoing Rhinoplasty - London, GB

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Hi Guys I'm going in for primary rhinoplasty at...

Hi Guys I'm going in for primary rhinoplasty at the end of November. I've decided to post so i can help others in my position. I've wanted a rhinoplasty now for the last few years. I've consulted with Bassim Matti, Charles East and Mr Ion. I've by far felt most comfortable with Mr Ion. My consults have been good and he has been very patient with me thus far.

The changes i want to make on my nose:

The part i hate most about my nose is the 45 degree profile on the right. I broke my nose when i was 16 and there has been a bump on the left side ever since. I also have a severely deviated septum which affects my breathing. I also think my nose has started to droop with age and is probably too large for my face.

The proposed morphs are attached. There are a few different versions and i am yet to decide on which one suits me best. I would be grateful for any thoughts. Also, as you can imagine i am very anxious about the surgery. I feel confident with Mr Ion however i'm aware that there are still risks involved despite having an extremely competent surgeon. I would also be grateful if anyone could get in touch regarding their experience with Mr Ion so far or even just their rhinoplasty experience.
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