19, 32a, Breast Augmentation!!! - London, GB

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So my BAs coming up soon, really excited but need...

So my BAs coming up soon, really excited but need to decide whether to go for 350 or 375ccs. Right now I'm an a cup and have a little breast tissue but pretty flat. My surgeon advised going for the 350 as he thought this was the most natural but said he'd fit in 375s if I really wanted to go bigger. I'm just scared of spending all this money and being disappointed with the size but at the same time don't want to look fake! He said that it wouldn't be a problem but the 375s would most likely cause a ridge at the side/ go quite far up to my armpit if that makes sense and would be noticeable naked or in a bikini. But for me personally I think I've seen this on many women and kind of actually like the whole side boob look! Really confused keep going back and forth but if anyone has any advise that would be great!
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