Start with a Low % Peel is Key - Liverpool, England

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I started with a low % chemical peel from Loreal...

I started with a low % chemical peel from Loreal to use at home. it concentration is 10% and its mild and gentle, you use it 5 times a week for 7 week, 4 minutes each time, I noticed my skin soft next day. Not reddnes not pain. Buth I though it was too low concentration to see visible changes and jumped to 30%. I have used it twice, first time for 3 minuntes, next week 4 minutes and then you carry on each week up to 7 minutes. I felt a tingle sensation and I got a bit panicked, but when I washed my face I did not see any bad or redness, my skins feels softer and smoother, I will carry on and see what happens next weeks and I will post an update. The key on glycolic peels is to start at a low level, 2-3 minutes and build it up according to your skin resistance, DONT use peels 30%+ if you have not had a chemical peel before, be patient and don't risk yourself.

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