Ethnic Nose Need It a Rhinoplasty

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I've never like my nose, and I wanted to change...

I've never like my nose, and I wanted to change it, but after I didn't,Luthua I think things got worst..

As you an ser two weeks post pictures I have a little bump on the upper part of my nose near the bridge area, and the reason is because the surgeon added some cartilage to make my nose look more straight, but when the swallow started to go down, that little bump is showing more and more.. I'm starting to get disappointed over the procedure, although the surgeon has said that he can correct the little hump by doing an small cut on the eyebrow area to take fix that hump.. something that I am mot sure about it, can someone suggest me what is better to do? Should I just wait for the healing process to end, and do it all over again, or should I let the surgeon try to fix it?
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