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I wouldn't recommend! I had regular braces in...

I wouldn't recommend! I had regular braces in my late 20's because I did not wear my retainer for years my teeth shifted. At age 50 I decided to try the invisalign. I would not recommend them to anyone.

First, I should have went back to my first orth but I decided to try National Orthdonics who treats you like you're on an assembly line, it took 6 weeks for them to come in, after they came it they werent right so, that took another 6wks. I didn't know that they are attached to your teeth with cement glue which they called buttons.

The first 3 sets I had--I had to file them down because they were cutting into my gums. Then after about 2wks the plastic brakes or cracks from putting them on and off. After completing all the invisalign trays, I notice that my teeth were as straight as they were with the wire braces. I noticed that the wire braces rotate each individual tooth. One of my front tooth pretrudes out and the one next to in shifts in slightly.

So, Dr. order another set through invisalign again whick will take another 6wks. Its been 6wks, the last set that I had broken in half 6wks ago. I have been 6wks with nothing to protect my teeth. Dr. said I should be ok, I called the office today a little upset, reception said that they were not in yet and that someone will call me back today. Well, its 11pm I still waiting.

What should have taken 8mos is going into over a year. By the way the office only opens on Wed. from 12-7. Today is Wed. I do know that the regular braces had my teeth perfectly straight in 1 yr and I had my retainer right after. I hope I don't have to take furter actions. I paid $3000.00 for invisalign. I should be upset!

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