I have done Miradry treatment in Portugal and my left armpit was badly executed

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I submitted myself to Miradry in Portugal and my...

I submitted myself to Miradry in Portugal and my left armpit was incorrectly executed letting me have very asymmetrical results between the two.
The assistant who performed the treatment didn´t stop talking throughout the treatment, it lifted me immediately suspicious because it seemed impossible to perform the job concentrated and speaking that much at the same time, besides that the treatment took considerably less time than in the right armpit and it was finished in a rush.
In the day of treatment, when I got home, late in the evening I noticed that one of the armpits was more swollen than the other, apart from presenting a completely different mark pattern. I immediately sent an email with this photos to the doctor and all the excuses started.
After one week I notice that I start sweating more of this armpit, when before it as the opposite, the left was the one that sweated less, and my bromidrose which was very slight has improved, but is still noticeable, on the contrary in my right armpit it´s completely solved. I still believe this is a great treatment because I can see the results in my right armpit.
I contacted the clinic but they continue to give me excuses and saying that the treatment was well executed when it is more than obvious that it was not.
It´s demolishing and there is no other clinic in Portugal to do the treatment. What should I do?
Clinica Liberty

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