My Skin is Tightening and I'm Loving Lipotherme!

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The procedure was NOT painful, but I would suggest...

The procedure was NOT painful, but I would suggest taking an Ipod to alleviate anxiety related to conscious sedation. You are awake and aware of everything that is going on, so I would also recommend valium. The recovery is not bad; definitely sore the second and third day, but I was back to all normal activity the third day and the compression garment helped. In fact, I didn't need the painkillers after the third day, either. You will feel lumpy for about a month, but the lumps dissolve- so don't worry! I am 3 months out and have experienced significant tightening of my "crepey" post pregnancy skin and flattening already, even though the best results occur (according to the doc) the fourth through sixth months. I was definitely skeptical, but I am thrilled with the results. Every day gets better!!!

Dr. Cole, California

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