Lipotherme - The Jury is Still out

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I am a 50 year old woman who decided to treat...

I am a 50 year old woman who decided to treat herself to lipotherme for "big birthday" present. I am petite; 5 ft. 2 and 109 lbs. I had twins 6 years ago which added 50 plus pounds to my slender frame. Despite my Pilates, workouts, and healthy eating I was not able to reattain the body I once had. Hence my decision to undergo lipotherme.

I had fat removed from my lower and upper abs, love handles, and outer thighs. I used my plastic surgeon whose work on my face (fillers) has always looked amazing and quite natural.

It has been nearly 2 weeks since the procedure. Today is the first day I am without the compression garment. My legs look amazing. There was a lot of bruising but I always bruise easily so nothing out of the ordinary. The skin on my abs is very tight. However, I am noticing a slight protrusion in my lower stomach. I know there is swelling for many more months to come but this seems to be out of the ordinary. I went back today for a follow-up and he usggested that I take laxatives for a week. Supposedly swelling of the muscles is normal due to the pain meds I have been on for the past 2 weeks. (darvoset/valium) I am curious if anyone experienced something similar. I'm slightly nervous about this bulge.

I will keep you posted on how the results are progressing. At this point in time was the procedure worth it . . I honestly don't know.

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This is actually a don't know. He is caring and not in the profession to add an addition to his house. He's not overly aggressive which I find appealing too. If my stomach area loses its new found "bulge" I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

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