Liposuction is Like Magic!

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I am amazed how liposuction changed my body...

I am amazed how liposuction changed my body overnight! Wow! I am so happy with my new look that i can't stop looking in the mirror and my husband can't stop looking at me!  I had thick love handles which stuck out of my tee shirt and looked so bad. As a result i always wore shirts a little loose around my waist. To add insult to injury, i still had a lot of far around my belly after my delivery. Loose shirts made me look pregnant when i was not. The belly fat and the love handles only made me look more pregnant. So liposuction seemed to be a great idea and it turned out to be a great decision. I got a tumescent liposuction done and the surgery was slightly painful but did not make me cry in pain or anything. I was told that a tumescent liposuctio is great as the swelling and bruising is far lesser than other methods. I was swollen and red , sure, but not as much as i had thought i would be.  I wore compression bandage for a while only and went back to work within a week. It hurt the most at the incision area but i took my mediaction to keep the pain in control.I wore elastic garmets and gave my body as much rest as possible. The scars are still there now after 6 months but they are getting lighter. I used to feel some alight fluid draining out of the incisions,so i got some cloth pads for that area, by the doctor's reccomendation. I avoided all streneous activity and went regularly for all my post op visits.

I recovered fast and the results were visible soon after i started wearing normal clothes. My love handles and my tummy are well in place now and i love it. It did cost me a lot, but it has been worth it. Ask my husband, and he'll tell you how great it has been for both me and him!!

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