Liposuction Worked but Wasnt Worth the Money

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I had liposuction done on my abdomen 2 years ago...

I had liposuction done on my abdomen 2 years ago to flatten out the area around my belly button which was a problem area for me i always had a pouch of fat right there. The recovery time was minimal for me the first 3 days i needed to be pulled out of bed because my stomach musles were just to sore to get up from a laying position, but i went back to work cashiering the forth day and i felt fine, it felt like i had done an outragous amount of situps, my muscles were just very sore. i was completley healed within 2 months.

my stomach is very very flat on the lower part of my abdomen to this day, the procedure definatly did what i payed for.

but..... its uneven since its not an exact procedure, if i sit down or lean over my stomach on the bottom part looks slightly lumpy

and..... i gained a little weight since the procedure and i gained fat on the top part of my stomach but not the bottom part so the fat hanging off my ribs hangs over the bottom part of my stomach when i sit down and lean over before i had this done my bellybutton was very circular but because of the areas of my stomach that do and dont have fat my belly button is more of a vertical line, and its shape is visible through my clothing.

The lipo didnt take any inches off my waistline, it simply reshaped it. it removed the jiggle i guess you could say.

In conclusion, the liposuction did a good job at flattening out and re-shaping my stomach but i think im my case i would need to have a touch up done to fix some uneven areas. im glad i only had a small area done after learning what the results look like after it heals.

i would not have liposuction done on my legs or butt or any area of my body that is symmetrical.

I would not have liposuction done to remove a bulky even area of my body because it alters the shape drastically and comes out un-even as well.

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It wasnt worth the money i paid.. my stomach still isnt perfect

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