So Happy and Sore!

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I had my surgery (vasor lipocontour) on Thurs the...

I had my surgery (vasor lipocontour) on Thurs the 14th.I had my flanks and outer theighs done. The procedure took about one hour , I  had local and some pain killers.The procudure was uncomfortable but not untolerable. I can kind of compare it to dental work. You cant really feel it ,but it is not pleasent.I was able to get up off the table myself and walk out of the office. The first night I just stayed in bed.There is alot of leakage   .   (eww) Sat. I was off pain meds and moving around ok. I am just alittle tierd and sore. The best part is I know that I am still really swollen and I can allready see great results.This morning I fit into a pair of jeans I havent been able to wear .I can allready tell a huge difference looking in the mirrior, and I cant wait to see the results when the swelling is down.I have always been unhappy with certain areas of my body, I excercise and eat okay but nothing ever changed.Honestly this is like a dream come true!

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