Scared of Indirect Lighting After Lipo - Chicago, IL

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Beware. Just bcs they are board certified does not...

Beware. Just bcs they are board certified does not mean they will do a good job! Also, dont trust b4 and after pics. It is all in the lighting. If you want more details on the awful experience with the specific doctor please email. I will be glad to share the horrible experience if it will save one person.

Please trust that everything you are reading in the negative is very true. We did not have these sights when I was researching 5 years ago and wish I had read this. It is true you may be thinner after lipo but you will most likely will only see benefits with clothes on. You will trade some fullness for lumps, bumps, dents and ripples. My scars were only suppose to be tiny pokes but they are very visible and scream lipo. I know am condemned to wearing full swim suit with skirted cover up and long shorts and cant even walk around naked in front of my husband bcs I dont want him to see how rippled I am and I am not very fat nor have ever been. Any lighting in dressing room or bathroom or even sunlight magnifies the ripples that somehow arent present in my after pictures. I am scared to see how bad it will get as I age and there is now fix or eraser once its done. They may tell you they can fix some of the issues after with more surgery, but look at actress Tara Reid she still looks bad even after the supposed fix on her stomach.

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