Lucky to Still Be Alive B/c of Post Surgery Complication

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To make a long story short, I was poorly informed...

To make a long story short, I was poorly informed of possible complications and given even poorer after care instructions. I developed a blood clot in my right leg a few weeks after surgery (I had lipo on both legs). When i called the drs office to complain of extreme pain and swelling, I was told by the nurse this was normal for the healing process (even though it was only in my right leg?!) Anyway, a week later I was hospitalized and told I was lucky to be alive b/c the clot had gotten so huge. I was supposed to be taking a 9 hour car ride the following day and a plane ride the day after that. The doctors said I for sure would have been dead had I not come to the hospital to get treated.  I had to take blood thinners for a year, pay thousands of dollars in dr and hospital bills, I still have all my scars and the results were uneven and I have dents in my legs from not being able to wear the compression garment for the full amount of time necessary to heal properly.


Horrible experience. I would never ever recommend the procedure, and I am angry that I put myself in the position for this to happen to me. But thank God I am still here. Be warned. Way too many complications to make it worth it.

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