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I went into my lipo with average expectations and...

I went into my lipo with average expectations and as a relatively fit person (29 yo, 5'4", 125lbs, exercise regularly). I had my abdomen and hips (love handles) done. It was a lot of area to do at once, but I didn't have outrageous amounts of fat to remove, just some contouring.

The experience was more uncomfortable than I expected, and apparently I was a little dehydrated when I went into it, because I passed out when I stood up. Luckily the staff was great and helped me out. So I would recommend hydrating really well before any procedure. They removed the equivalent of a Nalgene bottle of fat (1 liter)

I was not in terrible pain or discomfort afterwards, a little stiff and sore but I actually managed to mountain bike 30 miles the next day and return to work a few days afterwards with no problem, only a little soreness when sitting down.

The results are ok. I am very happy with the hip (love handles). The abdomen procedure left a bit of fat above my belly button which results in a little pooch. My measurement decreased a bit but not substantially. Overall this was definitely a contouring procedure and not a fat or weight loss procedure. I guess I am happy with it, and would probably do it again if I had the choice.

You absolutely must be realistic with your expectations! If you are in poor physical fitness or have a low pain tolerance, it will be a problem. If you expect major changes or weight loss, you will be disappointed.

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