It IS Surgery. It Was Painful, but I Like What I See So Far.

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That was a painful recovery but, because my doctor...

That was a painful recovery but, because my doctor was very honest with me, there's nothing I'm going through that I didn't see coming.

The first week hurt like hell. It's surgery, not a vigorous massage at the spa! The compression garment is meant to squeeze so, of course, it's uncomfortable. I was told that most of the recovery would be in the first 6 weeks and advised not to start critiquing my new waistline and hips until then. Great advice because I couldn't see any real results until the bulk of the swelling went down. I still have a hard spot 6 weeks later, but it was alot of fat removal and I was told to expect it and it would slowly go away.

I see the results and I can visualize, at this point, when everything will look like once the hard spot melts away. My love handles are gone(yay!) my back fat's gone, and my stomach's alot smaller. Even though they only took 4lbs of fat, friends that didn't know I'd had this done have commented on how I look more shapely :o)

SO I say it was worth it. I lik the way this is going!

Good Luck!!!!

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