Looks Great with Clothes On!!!

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I have to say that I'm not as pleased with the...

I have to say that I'm not as pleased with the results as I hoped to be. I had lipo done on my abdomen and hips. After years of a very physcial job, I took an office job. That combined with my age (50 yrs. old), caused weight gain and mush where I never had it before. I was not fat, (118 lbs), but the 15 lbs I had gained went right to my once rock hard belly and hips. I hated it! So, I had it lipo'd ! The recovery wasn't bad. It was definately sore, but nothing you can't handle. It was that garment I hated. I wore it faithfully for 2 months straight, day and night (I had 2). I bought a body massager and also massaged my belly every day. Well, I'm definately trimmer in the waist, but very ripply. Like others, I will no longer consider ever wearing a bikini or a top that may show my midrif. I hate how my abdomen looks now! Before i may have had a pot belly, but it was nice and smooth. Now it is all ripples and what looks like cellulite. Plus my skin has changed color! I now have dark bloches all over my belly and back! I was told they would go away, but 3 months later, and no difference! Certainly not the look I was going for. But with clothes on, I have to admit, it looks great. But I did want to look good naked too! Was it worth it? I guess the jury is still out on that one!

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