Liposelection Performed on Inner Thighs with Really No Changes.

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I have always had "a little extra" in my...

I have always had "a little extra" in my inner thighs which dieting and exercise would relieve in the summer months. As I have gotten older this "extra" was no longer eliminated. So, I decided to get liposuction done to help eliminate this problem area which was very embarassing to me because of being my being of such small stature.

I had Liposelection (Smart Lipo) performed on an outpatient basis with minimal pain, and some bruising and swelling. I only needed to utilized the docotor prescribed pain medication the first 24hrs. After that discomfort was relieved with Tylenol. I iced, massaged, and wore biking shorts post op.

Within 2 months my inner thighs were back to normal. However, there was no change in the "little extra" that I carried there. Occasional swelling occurs that is easily resolved with massage. Major swelling occurs with vigorous exercise - exercise that is focused toward tighten the inner thigh muscles. This major swelling takes heat compresses and massage over several days to alleviate. While the procedure was simple and mostly pain free, the cellulite problem in my inner thighs has not changed. I read and heard good reviews about this procedure and how effective it was in resolving cellulite problems on the legs.

I've had no changes in the appearance of my thighs. However, I now have the swelling problems that I don't think was worth the attempt to improve the appearance of my legs.

It is not a procedure that I will have performed again. However, I am still on the look out for anything that will help with alleviating the cellulite on my thighs which is very embarassing to me.

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The physician was very friendly open. He answered all my questions and even stated that it was possible that there could be very little change to the area. He upfront and frank about the procedure. His back ground is excellent.

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