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Bottom line here is, do your homework. Go to a...

Bottom line here is, do your homework. Go to a reputable place, with plenty of real MDs on staff, and ask plenty of questions. Expect it to be painful (it might not, but was for me, subsequent treatments worse than the first). Basically plan to be down for 2 days. I went to MedSculpt in Tysons, VA but unfortunately they closed down after my 2nd visit due to funding issues; I did think they were very responsible and closely monitored patients, as well as fully disclosing all possible side effects. Luckily, they were responsible enough to convince a different clinic take over and I had my 3rd (and last) treatment at Monarch in Rockville, MD. They were also very professional and honest. I had my butt, thighs and saddlebags treated. The results are not dramatic but subtle and noticeable. I did have a LOT of pain; needed percocet - forget Tylenol. The swelling is also pretty severe. I feel bad for folks who've had the infections, but really, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! You've got to keep the treatment areas clean and use common sense if you see any sign of trouble. I am actually happy with the results, I am sure I will have gone down over 1/2" on each thigh when the final swellling stops. Cellulite actually looks much better too. I have genetic predispositions in those areas and it was clear diet and exercise weren't going to do it. But, I don't think I'd do it again, just because it was so painful for me, and it's difficult to conceal that much swelling at work, plus I really could NOT exercise to speak of for several weeks after. I won't try to deter folks who really want to do this, but don't expect it to be easy. I will also say it's given me some good motivation to eat better and exercise more.
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