Didn't Work for Me...really Hoped It Would Have!

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I am an african american girl 27 yrs old...I am...

I am an african american girl 27 yrs old...I am 5'7 about 170lbs so I am not heavy, but I have alot of fat in the tricep area. I had the procedure in June 2007. I thought this procedure would be great to get rid of the fat in my arms without having to spend alot of money on liposuction.

I went through 6 lines or about 60 shots per arm. The substance smelled like aged urine and there was some pain but amazingly your body starts to numb up to tolerate the pain. The procedure took about 1 1/2 hr. My arms swole up to the size of a linebacker but that was fine because I was really looking forward to it working. But that night, however, as I was "passing the dissolved fat out of my system", my bowels were so loose, and my stomach cramped SOO HARD that I BROKE OUT IN SWEATS so bad I was dripping. I was on the toilet clenched up tight but even still, I told myself, this was what dissolved fat feels like leaving your system.

Well fast forward to feb. 20, 2008 and the fat passing out of my system was probably just a load of crap--lololol literally and figuratively, because my arms still haven't gotten any smaller. I had to miss work the next day, my arms were swole up for about 7 days ---which they said was normal---but the procedure was a waste of money for me. I was told that I would need a couple of procedures @ $400 a pop, however I am not into throwing away money time after time without seeing significant results.

Sorry guys, I don't even do reviews but I HAD TO TELL people about this procedure. It may work on someones chin, or cheeks, but I CAN'T IMAGINE having this procedure being significant enough for someone's abs.

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