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I am 50 and began 16 treatments last year in the...

I am 50 and began 16 treatments last year in the areas of upper/lower abdomen, inner and outer thighs, and upper back of arms. I weighed 140 lbs. when I started after losing 70 pounds the previous year. I was told by the Dr. and nurse that I would lose at least 10 pounds during this process. I did not lose any weight and no inches. I have read several of the postings on here and I guess I am thankful I didn't lose anything more than money. Some people have had a lot of pain and suffering from this process. It seems many have gotten infections. I would not recommend this to anyone especially if you are an older person like me. If you do lose fat under the skin it will dimple and will not be attractive, so what is worse? The fat or the lumps/dimples? This is typical of any older person's skin that has lost elasticity. I still go to the gym as much as possible and that's the best thing I can do with my money.

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