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I started in Apr 08. Paid more than $3500 for 6...

I started in Apr 08. Paid more than $3500 for 6 treatments - 3  for abs and 3 for my thighs. AFter 5 months, I lost a total of 1 inch from stomach and 1/2 inch  from each thigh. That comes out to $1700 per inch.  Six weeks after my last thigh treatment, I still have some swelling and tenderness.

The treatments were uncomfortable, but not painful and the recovery was the same. The recovery time increased with each treatment  - from a few days at first to about 3 weeks at the end.

Definitely not worth it. I wish I had known about these reviews before I paid for the treatments.

Some tips:

GEt references from satisfied customers.

Insist the doctor review your case, including everything you ingest - foods, meds (Rx and OTC) and diet supplements - for anti inflammatory  agents or other things that might interfere with treatments.

INsist on being weighed at your first session. Some doctors use "trick scales" that weigh heavy so the lack of results can be blamed on weight gain - whether you have really gained weight or not.

Don't be influenced by  "sale prices" that are only good for a few more days. If the doctor is willing to do the procedure at a discount now, he/she will still be willing to give  you a discount after you have time to do some research.


It just gets worse. Two months  after my...

It just gets worse. Two months  after my final treatment I have regained even the moderate loss  I had initially experienced. I am out $3500 and have had no benefit at all  - just a lot of pain. This is definitely not worth it, save your money, be happy with th body you have. I should have done exactly that.

Aesthetic Clinic of Edmond (OK)

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