Love my results, works best on thin or average size people

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I am not obese but I do have big legs, I am a size...

I am not obese but I do have big legs, I am a size 4 or 6. I was "blessed" with my mothers saddlebags and large thighs. I exercise and run regularly, about 2-3 times a week. Even doing this, I have excess fat on my hips and a small belly pouch from having 3 kids. I went to a doctor in Winter Park FL. He looked at me in the consultaion said he could do lipodissolve on my saddlebags and my belly pouch if I wanted the additional area. I paid the $1400 for my hips and it included up to 4 injections The injections were spaced out every 3-4 weeks. I didn't need the 4th injection as after the 3rd I was extremely happy with the results.

The procedure itself is painful. If you go to a Doctor (which I highly recommend) they should be able to give you a pain pill to take before you come for the injection. Be sure someone drives you if you take medication. They numb the skin for 15 minutes with a numbing creme and then draw a grid on the area followed by multiple injections to the grid site. It swells immediately and feels like a intense burning and stinging pain. I have a high pain tolerance so I didn't need the cooling machine but if you can't stand it, they have this machine that blows very cool air that you can hold over the site as he injects you.

You will be swollen a lot for 3-4 days then it starts to slowly diminish. I was still able to wear my normal clothes. It takes about 3-4 weeks for the swelling to completely go away and then you go back for another injection if you need it. After my 1st, I had excellent results but still went back twice more to even out the areas as my left thigh was a tiny bit smaller than my right. I lost 2 inches off each thigh.

If you are considering Lipodissolve and are more than 10-12 pounds overweight, I would tell you to have liposuction instead because this won't work for you. If you are average to thin and have trouble areas, this is wonderful!

Clermont Plastic Surgeon

Very professional, fully explained procedure, reasonable prices, will be honest and let you know if it won't work for you.

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