DON'T DO IT! Severe Pain for DAYS.

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I got the procedure done about 3 days ago and I...

I got the procedure done about 3 days ago and I could sit down somewhat comfortabley for the first time today. The doctor injected me with 100 ccs. That's 200 shots! It was extremely painful. Within a few minutes after the procedure. My vision blurred, I was gagging, and the horrendous pain didn't hit me until later. There was no uproar. A helper/nurse (not sure which) put my legs up and I slowly regained my sight. I had some blood loss. The procedure hurt, but for the past two days I haven't been able to sit/ walk/ or lay without severe pain. My thighs and the area have swollen and are HUGE! I had some stretch marks before, now they are extremely pronounced and there are dimples because of the amount of liquid that has been injected. I have been losing a lot of hair. Since your body has to expell the fat and injections the liquid goes into other parts of the body. I could TASTE IT! Ever had a yellow tounge? It's not fun and tastes awful. There is a smell to it also. My swelling is starting to go down. I was told I'd have no bruises, but it would feel like a bruise. This is MUCH worse than a bruise! Don't believe what the doctor says. My thighs are PURPLE and I'm in the worst pain of my life. It won't go away! I have a tattoo on my neck and it didn't hurt, I have a VERY high pain tolerance. I am in the most excruciating pain of my life. I was told to follow up with something similar to thermage. It's called VelaSmooth. Could I please have some imput from those of you who have gotten the procedure? I spent 900 on lipodissolve and 375 for three treatments of Vela Smooth. I have not yet had any VelaSmooth procedures.
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