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I have had 3 treatments at {edited - provider...

I have had 3 treatments at {edited - provider information is located abve the review for registered users} but no success. I’m not a heavy person (5’5” 130 lbs.) but wanted to get rid of my saddlebags. First treatment was VERY painful and the nurse used individual needles and it took over an hour and a half to complete the process. They told me to come back after 3 weeks so I did and got my second treatment. The second time they used a needle gun that shot the solution into my legs much faster and with less pain. However, I was still bruised and swollen from the first treatment so it kind of built on the problem. I could not wear any of my pants because I was so swollen (I had to go buy more clothes so I could go to work.) Since I was in so much pain I waited 4 weeks for my 3rd treatment. My third treatment they used the gun again so injection pain was less but the swelling and after pain was rough. I had such bad bruising and lumpy bumpy parts on my legs that I decided to wait and see before I went for my 4th treatment.

It has now been 3 months since my last treatment (I did not go and have my 4th, 5th and 6th treatment I paid for) and I still have black and blue bruises on my legs along with the lumpy bumpy look. Basically I look worse than when I started the process and I’m now out $1800.00. I’ve come to realize that the bruises and bumps may be permanent so I hope my experience will help others when making a decision about getting this treatment. Save your money and yourself the pain. The emotional disappointment is also something that is not talked about but I experienced. I can no longer wear a swimsuit without a skit to hide the bruises and it is embarrassing. Do your research and don’t think it won’t happen to you because it can.

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