Lipo Was the Biggest Mistake of my Life

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Getting lipo was part of my silly quest to look...

Getting lipo was part of my silly quest to look like someone who isn’t 45 years old. Along the way I learned that I’m not meant to wear mini-skirts or have a flat belly… this is just me.

I thought I did the right things. I found a nice doctor and I read all of the message boards (Every. Last. One.) for referrals and stories. I was the lipo research queen. As for the actual procedure, it was just a mistake. Sure nothing went clinically wrong but I regretted it from the moment I got it done and that hasn’t changed. The pain and discomfort I had for the next 5-6 months were my punishment for vanity.

I can’t say it enough – it’s the little things that will kill you in recovery! Making a cup of tea, using the toilet, taking a shower… all of these tasks are EXCRUCIATING with lipo. Add to that the fact that your body looks deformed and misshapen for months and you may likely lose the will to live. They give you these “horse tranquilizer” pain pills too, heh.

Then there are the side effects they don’t tell you about, like stress, headaches, insomnia and constipation. You’ll also lose a good bit of weight and energy just ‘cause you don’t want to eat. You don’t want to do anything. Also, my recovery time was a lot longer than the doctor said so I was actually dragging myself into work with all of these problems.

Lipo was a mistake and needless to say I wouldn’t do it again.

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