1st Round

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I work out about 3days/ wk, and eat fairly healthy...

I work out about 3days/ wk, and eat fairly healthy. I watch my carbs, starches, sugars and things of that nature. I have found it virtually impossible to loose this "belt" of fat hanging around, which led me to Lipodissolve. I had my first round on Feb 04, 2008. The injections were not bad at all, its about 10-15 min after when the stinging started.

After I completed the injection, my abdomen was on fire. I was given a compression garment, which by the way helped alot. I went home, took some motrin (over the counter) and went and saw a movie. I was fine. It was a bit difficult to get comfortable when i was trying to go to bed, but, none the less, i was able to sleep okay.

On feb 5, I returned to the gym, but i was sore, so i didn't do abs today, but other than that i was okay to work out. I will try to keep you all posted on what happens in the next treatment, which is scheduled for Feb 18, 2008.

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