Lipo-Dissolve Was Not for Me!

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I had 3 txs. at FIG & had terrible pain. I would...

I had 3 txs. at FIG & had terrible pain. I would have rather done liposuction at least I feel like the pain & suffering would have been a onetime deal. I can't imagine anyone going thru this procedure with the pain & swelling that I had! The staff continued to tell me that I have a low pain tollerance...of course no Dr. ever saw me to determine if I was having an abnormal reaction. Its been 2 months since my last tx. & I still have huge red marks on my stomach from the injections. I still don't know if this is a normal reaction or not, but I won't be wearing a 2 piece this yr!! I could not continue the process & am in the "negotioations" to get my money refunded. My husband is a surgeon & I am also in health care, We could not believe the reaction that I had to the chemicals they injected. If this is "normal" & I infact do just have a "low pain tollerance" then we where seriously misled! If this is not normal then I had a bad reaction to the procedure. Either way I just want my refund. We used the credit card they offer & have stopped the payment do to the conflict. I am not trying to tell others not to go to FIG, I just know it was not for me! I wish I would have done more investigation into the company & the procedure before I signed up. I have been told by an associate of Dr. Heibert that the procedure is a rip off & that it is being stopped in other countries. Just thought I would share my experience & I hope anyone considering it does do more research than I did.
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