Lipo on Back Was Great, Still Waiting to See Ab Results

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I had lipo on my flanks and abdomen almost 4 weeks...

I had lipo on my flanks and abdomen almost 4 weeks ago. I work out and am at a good weight, I just carry extra fat around those areas thanks to genetics.

The pain wasn't near as bad as I expected. I did medicate myself every 4 hours for the first week with Vicodin. The pain was never unbearable and I just made sure to take it easy.

I didn't swell or bruise that bad. I could see immediate improvement on my flanks (area right above my butt). It kind of sucked, because when you sit, you are pushing up on your back and then gravity is also pushing down on your it is a hard area to heal. My stomach is much flatter, but I still have a little more fat than I would like. I do have one hard, dimply spot by my navel.

I still have a little discomfort, but am working out again. My doctor told me that I had to wear my compression garment for only 3 weeks, but I get very sore without it and am still using it daily.

I am pretty happy so far and hope that my stomach will be a little bit flatter.

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