Lip Enhancement Gone Wrong

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El Paso Facial Plastic Surgeon

About 13 years ago I went to Dr. Weeks for Zyplast Collagen injection for upper lip enhancement, which he had done for me several times before. Without discussion or my consent, Dr Weeks injected a medical grade silicone & mentioned it AFTER injecting. I was first upset because I research everything thoroughly before committing to a procedure, then as the years progressed my lip got huge & bumpy. During that time there were few if any doctors willing to excise liquid silicone from lips. 5 weeks ago I had 2 big lumps of silicone scar/lip tissue removed & not sure how the end result is going good to look. All these years of problems because Dr. Weeks made the decision without my prior knowledge or consent to inject my lip with silicone. Never use liquid silicone in lips!

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