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Well there i am ,i have lost my implant,i wish my...

well there i am ,i have lost my implant,i wish my surgen had remove it ,but as you know he was out west and i am in the middle of no where,so finding a doctor too help me was a nigthmare nobody wanted to help me .i thougth doctors were here to help us when were sick no matter what !after dozens of them i found one that would help me .

my lip had a infection for weeks ,i think 5 weeks so i was bad ,i just didnt want to give them up.i know what you are thinking ,all the pain and not just that the cost first the implants cost 2,500 and then to remove the upper lip cost 1,000 i was shocked .come on thats almost half of the cost.and it took 15 minutes maybe and it was over with .

i was told my lips might not have feeling anymore and they could be real ugly .there just fine!!! now will i go thur this again yes ,i love them,only with my doctor out west ,if i would have live near the doctor things would have work out .he would have seen the implant coming thur the lip and cut it away.so things could heel .beening far away from your doctor can be bad ,remenber that if you have any thing ever done .but with me i wanted the best doctor and he is .so yes i will do this again !! best wishs too anyone who wants to travel the road to beauty ,stuff happens some time. but i will try again when things are better.

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