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I've done a lot of research on this site and...

I've done a lot of research on this site and others. I've decided to go with Dr. Boutte, I will be in and out of town patient and I am extremely excited and nervous all at once. I can't wait to receive my consultation and price to determine what will work best for me and move forward with the procedure.

Still waiting on consultation

Still waiting on my consultation. I don't know if I'm being impatient but I still haven't had my consultation. ????

To transfer or not to transfer that is the question....

So I received my quote and I received several options from Brittany. Brittany is super sweet and explained to me most of the questions that I had. After heavy consideration, including cost, I opted not to do the fat transfer to my butt. Really that wasn't why I want it to get laser Lipo to begin with, however, I figured why let my fat go to waste? So the difference in cost between laser lipo alone and adding the transfer was about $4000. They included underarm as a charge and I believe it was $2500. Now don't get me wrong I definitely have fat underneath my arms but it's not worth me spending 2500 to remove at this time. They also charged for upper hip. I have to ask about that I don't have any hips so I'm curious if this is just to sculpt the hip. Has anyone had this done?

Before photos

6-15 surgery date

Now it seems super real.

Blood work done

Well I'm 9 days out from surgery. I'm officially excited. This process has been extremely smooth. I still can't believe I'm flying across country to get surgery.


Just sharing for myself

9 more days til this stomach is gone

You'd swear I was still pregnant. Ughhh bye bye belly

Meds picked up!

One thing I should've considered is talking to Kaiser about my prescriptions... I had to pay $61 to get them from Walgreens. Hopefully Kaiser will reimburse me the difference. We shall see. Anyway, I'm super excited to fly out on Wednesday. I feel for what I want done, I've picked the best dr. Excited to meet Dr. Boutte' on Wednesday.

''Twas the night before surgery and I'm trying to go to sleep!

I got to meet Dr. Boutte' today. Meeting her only validated my choice in traveling from the Bay to the A to have her perform my very first surgery EVER. She gave me some really solid advice, I let her know why I didn't want to get the tummy tuck and she provided some great feedback in that regard as well. I know I need to go to sleep, I'm exhausted, I've been traveling allll day. So this is my goodnight y'all. oh and I found out I will be getting tubes ???? I'm uploading my dreaded before pictures! ????

In a whole lot of pain

So I traveled back home today and that was the longest 4 hour flight ever. By time I landed I was all swollen again. The good news is I can handle pain on an higher scale than I thought. For the first 24 hours I didn't take any pain medication. Any way here are a couple of my post op photos. I'm washing my garment right now sooooo I'm laying in the bed free but sore. The lower back/love handles hurts the absolute worse.

This has been one hellavu rollercoaster

I'm still in so much pain from these drains. It's so hot in California I was advised to double my water intake, so today is day 1 of 1 gallon a day. The extra water has cooled me down some and I am able to work 1/2 day today. But the burning sensation that builds up from the extra water intake is borderline unbearable. And here I thought I'd be able to go back to a full time work schedule 3 days later. Phhhh I think I'm Day 5 post op and still unable to complete a full day. My drains even with he extra water aren't filling but I do feel extra fluid from somewhere when I use the bathroom. I'm just ready for the pain to subside.

Infections, antibiotics and more surgeries... oh my !!

So I've been away for a bit because day 5 I developed a fever. I drank more water but the burning sensation I was feeling would not go away. Day 6, mid day my fever came back. So I decided to high tail it to the local Kaiser. Thank God I did. I had a staph infection had I waited even one day longer it could've gotten into my blood stream. Now you can get this type of infection from anywhere, from the dr's office down to your own skin. So the reason for the infection, I can't pinpoint, i just happened to be the small %.
So I spent 8 days in the hospital, had 4 additional surgeries to remove the infected fat and tissue from my body and now I'm home with a wound vac on my stomach healing the incision. Let me say the surgical team at Kaiser Vacaville were amazing and I am so thankful for them.
Dr. Boutte and Lee reached out multiple times while I was admitted. For that I'm appreciative. My only real complaint would be when I first told Lee I was running a fever and advised her about the burning. She should've told me to go to the hospital right then. I went 24 hours later but being an out of town patient, I feel like I should've been advised to do that off top.
So I haven't been able to wear a compression garment, I can start wearing one this Friday once the new drains are removed. Then all I'll have is this trusty wound vac for another 2 weeks or until the wound heals. ($20 a day for this device)
I'm praying once all is said and done I'll look good. *praying*
Otherwise I've wasted close to $9K :(

Wound Vac and JP drains removed

So after about 2 1/2 weeks on the wound vac at home. I've healed enough to have the wound vac removed. So today the trauma surgeon removed the wound vac and the JP drains. I'm happy about that. I'm attaching photos. I'm still not healed fully. I have to change my dressing daily. I'm attaching end of day pictures, I'm really, really swollen. The scars from the staples are pretty gnarly. This has been and continues to be a long process of healing. I'm praying that I don't end up looking super square... and that my stomach doesn't come back. But as you can tell I've been through it. But for the grace of God, my family and friends I would've been lost in depression. Peace and Love

Lymphatic massage

So I had my first massage a couple days ago and I feel as if my pores are open on my back that there's cool water coming out. However whenever I touch the area there's nothing there. Anyone else had these ghost drips? ????


So I've requested a post op appt with Dr. Boutte since I was physically unable to travel to GA and see her. I just have sooo many questions, am I wearing the correct compression garment? Should I be using lipo foam? What is a back board? Will that help with the rolls I paid to be removed? Will the lipo foam help with that? Will these huge lumps on my sides go away? Sigh anyway. Other than that in the grand scheme of things I'm alive, healthy and a lot more trim than before I started. But I do attribute some of that to eating better-ish and my intake of water is high.


Last week I had my virtual post op appt with Dr. Boutte. Charming as always and extremely helpful. I'm still waiting on my before measurements but she's certain I've lost double digits around my waist, which I'm certain of as well. Ok well here are some before and after photos... sorry I can't get them to fit side by side. The mark on the front is from my ab board.

Work in progress

So this photo is with a body shaper HOWEVER it's too big. So it really wasn't holding anything in. I think my vagina is still swollen because I now have major FUPA.. I hope it goes away as I found myself being self conscious about that. Other than that I could've NEVER pulled this off pre surgery. I'm still working on the lumps and bumps on my stomach and lightening the scars that I now have. Really interested to see how the folds end up. 2 months post op looking forward to finally being able to REALLY work out

Inches ---

My starting measurements on 6/15/17 were
39 inches two inches above belly button
42 inches at belly button
43 inches two inches below belly button
As of today 9/7 (7 weeks post op)
32 1/2 inches two inches above belly button
35 inches at belly button
35 inches two inches below belly button
Overall I've loss 21.5 inches... I'm super pleased with that. I want to get the 32 down to 28-29 so I have some work to do.
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