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I was initially headed to Dr. Yily in DR scheduled...

I was initially headed to Dr. Yily in DR scheduled for July 6th. My hubby was more apprehensive than me regarding having surgery out of the country, my thoughts were its invasive surgery but not so much because it's just liposuction. So I started my search here in he states. Mind you, our flights were paid for as well as my deposit. Fast forward I decided to go with Dr. Boutte, her results are similar to Dr. Yily in regards to aggressive lipo. You will not get to meet the doctor prior to surgery but I opted to at least FaceTime with her and that would be sufficient. When I arrived or surgery they gave me my cocktail and asleep I went. Within my procedure I heard a male voice (wait, I had no clue that a male doctor would be preforming the procedure) soon after Dr. Boutte came in towards the end. I opted for the cocktail of pills and cherry shot which means there is a possibility that I would wake up during the procedure. You can pay for general anesthesia and be completely out, it's totally up to you. So here we are a few days later and a dark bruise like scar shows itself on both of my sides which turned out t be necrosis. When I called with my concerns something was said time that made me a little uneasy (I will disclose what was said later in my review on another date). I asked to come in and the nurse saw me immediately that day. Now this could happen with any doctor, I couldn't believe it happened to me, I always heal quickly and amazingly with no issues, well it happened! She did say my drain was not ready to be taken out yet (one day away from 7 days from procedure) and I was ok with that. I did not like the garment that hey provided so I went and purchased a Faja which I love. It's hard as heck to piton but it does its job. To be continued...


Sorry for the typo...Damn you autocorrect!!!

I'm Still in Pain

I'm still in pain but I keep telling myself that it's well worth it. I love the way my shape looks without my garment, I'm impressed. I am slowly working on this necrosis to make sure that I have little to no scarring. I may be finally getting this drain out on Monday.

Drain, Drain Go Away

I finally got my drain removed today. I feel so much better with it gone. One hurdle down and another to go...To be continued...

Seroma, Seroma Go Away

So I went in for my weekly appointment and I do have seroma pockets (2). The nurse drained them and did say that there is a possibility of them coming back. I finally broke down on my mini vacation this past weekend and cried for the first time since I developed necrosis. I got mad at myself for doing it because I really didn't need it, I could've worked out hard and gotten my body back. But in the back of my mind I'm telling myself that in the end it will be worth it! My hubby wants me to go have another doctor look at it however I finally have an appointment with Dr. Boutte next week so I'll know what I will do from there. These are complications that come with surgery but I'm more concerned with my after care when these situations arise. I will post photos at the end. Stay tuned...

Seroma Please Go Away Foreva

The seroma came back just one day after being drained. I spoke to Dr. Lee, oops I mean Rn. Lee and she told me to compress. I'm certainly happy that she is a phone call or text message away. Stay tuned.

Follow up

Because Dr. Boutte has not seen me with all the issues that have happened after surgery, my husband convinced me to go see another plastic surgeon. I have an appointment in the morning...

After Care

So I'm not pleased with my aftercare, I finally get to meet the doctor face to face on Tuesday. This road has been rough...


I'm still having severe pain in the areas of the seroma pocket or the necrosis (I can't really tell because they're in the same area). The necrosis looks as though it's getting worse. I'm so nervous...The doctor I went to really didn't want to touch someone else's work.

Yay I Finally Met Dr. Boutte

So my appointment went well. Dr. Boutte and we had good convo, she was very concerned about my well being. She went on vacation to celebrate her anniversary which made me feel a bit better however, if I were a doctor I wouldn't preform invasive procedures on my patients and then go MIA but that's me. Dr. Boutte ended up debriding the necrosis and sewing up the one on the right side (Lee did an amazing job and took her time). That wound looked horrible and gross (I wish that I took pictures prior to the debridement). Overall I really liked the encounter between Dr. Boutte and I, I do feel as though she sincerely cared about me not only as a patient but as a person. I have another appointment in two weeks, stay tuned...

Follow up

I got my measurements taken and I lost 5 inches around my waist, I look how I looked pre-pregnancies. I'm now motivated to lose weight. The necrosis is slowly coming along. I take pictures of the areas once a week so that I can see the progress, Dr. Boutte says it should be fully healed (the epidermis should come back) in another month. Follow up appointment in 2 weeks. I will post pictures then.

Loving My Shape

Even though I have necrosis I am in love with how my shape has enhanced. I look better now that before I had kids (and mind you I had six pack abs). I can't wait to get healed up so that I can enjoy my body. So far so good with Dr. Boutte, she has me coming in every 2 weeks and has had some great ideas on how to get rid of the scars once healed.


It's been almost 2 months and the necrosis areas are finally closing up. The office recommended I take chlorophyll which I wish they recommended right after surgery, as soon as I started it my blood started to circulate much better and the healing progressed drastically. My shape is out of this world. I already had a huge butt that I asked Dr. Boutte to suck some fat out and I'm happy that she did, I also have large hips. My waist is super small. My hubby is loving every bit of my new body. I do have seroma in my back which Dr. Boutte will drain today. Stay tuned.


Dr. Boutte didn't feel comfortable going in trying to find where the seroma is. Because it's not a pocket of fluid she would've had to sedate me and try to find it which would've opened me up to another world of madness. She recommended that I buy a lipo board and compress along with lymphatic massages. I'm so happy that she did not go back in because the fluid is going away. My follow up is in one month. I will continue to post pictures of my progress. Stay tuned.


My wounds are finally closed. My next step is working on the pigmentation. I'm excited to get back in the gym because I did put on a couple pounds (maybe more than a couple).

Lymphatic Massage

I finally went for my lymphatic drainage massage for the first time and wish I could've went sooner. As soon as I got up I felt the difference. I would definitely recommend a session or two prior to smart lipo, it can assist in getting the blood flow.


My scars from the necrosis is coming along well. I've been using Bio Oil twice a day massaging it into my scars. I keep imagining how good I would look without them.
FYI I did not have BBL.
Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

She seems very sweet and is willing to work with you.

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